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People's choice of the best onscreen pair

People's Choice - Kaththi and Thala 55 in a fierce contest

Apr 27, 2014

This year, Tamil cinema buffs can look forward to films featuring all the 4 younger superstars - Vikram, Ajith, Vijay and Suriya with Ai, 'Thala 55', Kaththi and Anjaan respectively. All these films feature popular heroines pairing opposite these superstars and the hype meter is already soaring.

Recently in our Facebook page we asked fans to vote for their favorite on-screen pair among Ai (Vikram and Amy Jackson), 'Thala 55' (Ajith and Anushka), Kaththi (Vijay and Samantha) and Anjaan (Suriya and Samantha). The poll was met with a rousing response from fans over the past few days. Likes were counted as votes and the results of this poll as on April 27th, 3 56 pm, are as follows
1. Kaththi (Vijay and Samantha) - 1190 votes
2. Thala 55 (Ajith and Anushka) - 1182 votes 
3. Anjaan (Suriya and Samantha) - 930 votes
4. Ai (Vikram and Amy Jackson) - 450 votes
This poll can be accessed at the below link 


People's choice of the best onscreen pair

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