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An update on the movie Andhra Mess

Andhra Mess - 'Life is like a game of snooker'

Feb 19, 2014
Showboat Studios have entered into their maiden venture of producing a wacky movie titled “Andhra Mess”. A riveting road movie on a group of small-time eccentric crooks and the interesting events which take place post a failed heist, form the crux of the movie.

The chef who has cooked up this interesting dish is Jai, who is wielding the director’s baton for the first time. In the past, he has been a part of reputed ad agencies as a Creative Director and is an avid ad film maker. The cast of the movie comprises AP Shreethar, Raj Barath, Mathi, John Sandeep, Vinoth, Amar, Kasthuri, Pooja and Syed. 

The cinematography has been executed by Mukesh G, a former assistant of P.S. Vinoth, who has a natural flair for interpreting the myriad shades of light. The music is compiled by Prashant Pillai, a composer who does not hesitate to introduce new genres of music to the audience and has successfully done so in other regional films like Shaitan and Amen.
Ask Jai on the film and he calls it a stylized wacky film; with an aim to introduce a new genre into Tamil cinema. The film will take you on an imaginative journey of storytelling, where there are no limitations to geographical presence, time periods or costumes. To the audience it would be a mix of retro and contemporary styles of film making and story telling. 
The concept of the movie is based on the philosophy ‘life is like a game of snooker’. That is, you aim for and hit one ball; this in-turn hits another, that hits another, and another and eventually a different ball enters the pocket. It is about chances and opportunities. About different colors and characters. And like a snooker ball, the destination is not a linear path.
The film's narration will take you on this unpredictable journey and is guaranteed to satiate your primal, visual and aural senses.


An update on the movie Andhra Mess

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