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Karthi speaks about why All in All Azhaguraja is a must watch movie

Karthi is supremely confident about Azhaguraja

Oct 29, 2013
Karthi has had success with comedy and director M. Rajesh, insurmountably so. It’s natural that their coming together is bound to rake up expectations and so it has. Karthi’s Diwali release All in All Azhaguraja also sees him get back with his successful lead girl Kajal Aggarwal. And Karthi feels there is not a chance we should miss All in All Azhaguraja. Here, he tells us why he thinks the movie is a must watch.
“Rajesh is a trend setter,” says Karthi, “who can make a film with comedy in every frame, while usually a film will have comedy only in parts.” He goes on to explain that “AAA is a situational/performance based comedy, so performances are critical in this film and everyone has performed spectacularly.”
Rajesh’s usual staple Santhanam is present and according to Karthi, “Santhanam has three roles in the film while I have two. With unique characterization, every character will be funny,” he adds.
Karthi also vouches for Thaman and avers, “He has done a great job. The 80’s style has worked out very well and the album is a huge hit,” he says. He also confesses that “Ilayaraja was our reference while working on the music and Thaman has done a brilliant job.”
Talking of his role in the film, Karthi begins by saying, “There’s a flashback of Prabhu’s love story. I have played his younger version, a professor - that was a challenging portion - after the whole scene we were all elated with the way it had come out.” He admits, “Prabhu and I share a beautiful relationship in the film,” promising that “you’ll all love it.”
About the movie’s backdrop and its characters, Karthi mentions, “The movie is set in a village. The characters will be innocent and that makes the film very enjoyable, a perfect festival treat. A perfect way to spend time with the family! Entertainment guaranteed.” He also adds that “you’d want to watch it again and again.”
On the surprise element of the movie, Karthi has this to say: “Kajal will be a big surprise. At least she was for me. It is so difficult to perform comedy without laughing and she had no problem doing it.”
The famous camaraderie shared by Karthi and Santhanam repeats in the movie. “Rajesh has sketched a unique relationship between Santhanam and me. My character is an arrogant one and Santhanam will always be the one to advise me,” Karthi promises.
Talking of the other technicians in the movie, Karthi is all praises about the cinematographer Sakthi Saravanan. “I have worked with cinematographer Sakthi Saravanan in AAA and Biriyani. While he has made us all look super stylish in Biriyani, he has made sure that AAA looks very colorful. The village landscapes, the lively atmosphere, colorful songs will leave the audience awestruck. We have not even shot in foreign locations, just to maintain the look and tone of the film.”
AAA releases in time to coincide with Diwali this weekend.


Karthi speaks about why All in All Azhaguraja is a must watch movie

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