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"Suriya is the first mass hero to do this..."

Aug 02, 2013

After grabbing a tremendous response all over India, the Indian police has pounced to a global spectrum, with a louder roar making people scream with glee. Singam 2 has been pumped up with a lot of stamina ever since its release, allowing it to sprint effortlessly in what seems like a marathon. Suriya’s overseas fans appear to be ecstatic after watching the movie, spreading the ‘Singam dance’ mantra all around.

Venkatesh Babu an exhibitor of Singam 2 in the California Bay Area (San Francisco and San Jose area) celebrated the 100th show of the movie in grand style. He, being a die-hard fan of Suriya was delighted to interact with a correspondent of and answer a few questions that were pushed through his enthusiasm.

How has the response for Singam 2 been?

It has been tremendous. Usually such a response is expected only for a Kamal or a Rajini movie. It really feels good to see a Suriya starrer keeping up to their standards. It has indeed created a record. The movie has been released in 63 locations across USA.

In how many areas have you exhibited the movie?

I have exhibited the movie in California Bay Area and Sacramento on behalf of ATMUS entertainment. I am personally a Suriya fan. I have hence exhibited the film under the banner ‘’, which is more or less a fan club for Suriya in the California Bay Area.

How have you been celebrating the success of Singam 2?

We celebrated Suriya’s birthday along with the 50th show of Singam 2 in the Bay Area. We had a full house that day and the fans were overjoyed. The atmosphere was filled with dances, whistles and the cutting of the cake. On the 25th day of screening and of course the 100th show in the California Bay area, I organized a video conference in the Big Cinema screen of Serra Theaters, Milpitas, between Suriya and his fans. I would like to take the liberty to say that this is the first of its kind. There has never been a video conference with a mass hero which was as grand as this.

How successful was the video conference?

It was remarkable. We were very happy to see fans come and sit in front of the video camera along with their families. A lot of interesting questions were asked. I really appreciate Suriya to have taken the time to answer all our questions patiently.

Can you tell us one memorable moment of the conference?

Yes, there was a teenage boy who requested Suriya to tell the dialogue, "Singatha photo-la paathiruppa, cinema-la paathiruppa... verithanamaa vettaiyaadi paathirukiriya… ongi adichaa onra ton weightu da... paakuriyaa..." that came in Singam. Suriya readily accepted the request and delivered the dialogue the exact way he enacted it in the movie. It was a real treat to watch. The fans loved it.

Any words for Suriya?

I would like to thank Suriya for having taken some time off his busy schedule and answered all our questions patiently. Singam 2 is a blockbuster in USA and is still running in the Bay Area for the fifth continuous week. On behalf of his fans, I take this opportunity to wish him the very best of luck. I hope you strike gold in all your future endeavours.



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