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Radha Mohan's take on the Gouravam issue

Apr 09, 2013

Director of Gouravam, Radha Mohan, has clarified his stand to Behindwoods on the concerns raised by a particular community regarding the film being insensitive to certain groups. After watching the trailer, the community in question raised objection to the film’s intent and demanded a ban on its release.

Radha Mohan believes that the group's concerns are imaginary assumptions and went on to say that he had absolutely no intentions to malign any particular group or individual. When asked if he would screen the film to the community, the director responded by saying “If the law or police demands us to screen the movie we will do so, but we haven’t received any such requests”.

Another bone of contention for the objecting community was that the film was based on the tragic Dharmapuri incident, which was a case of honor killing. Radha Mohan explained that he had shot nearly 80% of the movie even before the Dharmapuri honor killing incident, so it has nothing to do with that specific episode.

The director reiterated his impeccable track record of churning out socially responsible films and urged the people to watch the film before drawing their own conclusions.



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