Why Shivam should be made into an English film.

Why Shivam should be made into an English film.

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Most of us would know of how the Chinese film industry is so popular. Why and How?. Chinese films had their own culture being showcased in their movies, and thus being proud of that attracted outside viewers such as the western world.

The Chinese film industry has now grown to an extent that for the past ten years, Chinese movies are also dubbed into English and well received. It was only due to this that stars like Jackie Chan and Jet Li became well known big stars in Hollywood.

Now this begs the question, with the millions that we as Indians spend on our song sequences, how come we don't release some dubs? This often makes people snigger but I am serious. When we had Vishwaroopam which would practically have been a big hit as an English film alone struggling with all its bans in Tamilnadu, why did we not think of it?

Now recently there have been talks that the TV series Shivam, also known as Devon Ke Dev Mahadev may be edited down and dubbed into a feature length English movie. This did excite me, but I am sure I was not the only person to think "Why didn't we think of these things before"

With Shivam we have a whole new superhero charisma going on, the likes of which Hollywood has never seen. They've seen men flying and shooting lasers, throwing webs and using high tech gear. They have not seen a guy who throws out his dreadlocks only for it to take forms of its own and go on a killing spree, nor have they seen a muscular monkey thumping people and dancing around.

Greek Gods such as Hercules, Zeus, Thor and Poseidon have had their story's told. Chinese and Arabic heroes stories have been told. It is about time our heroes also had their story's told.

Here is a promo video for the dubbing of Mahadev:

Simmy Kaur

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