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After some mediocre outings like Komban, Kaashmora and Kaatru Veliyidai, Karthi teams up with Sadhuranga Vettai director Vinoth for Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru. It's the director's second movie after a 3 yr gap. Theeran narrates a chapter in the life of a cop where he chases a group of notorious dacoits across the country.The story is based on the true events surrounding 'Operation Bawaria'.

Karthi impresses as the cop Theeran. He looks fit and motivated in each frame (Much similar to Jayam Ravi in Thani Oruvan). As a loving husband, he shows his caring and charming character as well.His chemistry with Rakul Preet Singh is off the charts.

Rakul Preet plays the girl next door character. Like most Tamil heroines she just has to play dumb and fall in love with the hero. Yet she is a much needed relief to an otherwise dark and violent movie.

The villains - a group of brutal and deadly dacoits - deserve a special mention. Using guerrilla style fighting, every attack of theirs sends chills down your spine! Being collective and anonymous for major portions of the movie, they have an air of invincibility which you do not see with Tamil cinema's usual thugs.

The movie is gripping from start to finish (except the songs n the romance portions) and you are literally at the edge of the seats at the intermission! The movie has quite a number of jaw dropping moments which are sure to leave you stunned.

Some of the songs could have been done away with and a few gory scenes could have been avoided as well. Apart from these, there are very few flaws in this well crafted movie by Vinoth. Kudos to him for coming up with another brilliant movie after Sadhuranga Vettai.

A hallmark of any good movie is its ability to keep your attention undivided...And that s exactly what you get with Theeran... Sit back and get teleported to Theeran's world for 3 hours...:)

Verdict: Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru - The Best Tamil Crime Thriller of 2017...A must watch

Nihil Britto
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