Samar - A Refreshing, Intelligently Penned Thriller

Samar - A Refreshing, Intelligently Penned Thriller

By Lakshmi Kanthan Thirukkural Mani isn't responsible for the views expressed by the visitor in this column.


Vishal's Samar after a long drag on its release date, finally hit the screen on Jan 13th .The movie created expectation among the cinema fans as the leading female artist Trisha who refused to sign up with Vishal when approached for his earlier four movies but accepted the offer this time. Is Samar really a special one not to be missed by the artist? And does it convince the Tamil Cinema Audience for a long wait?

Samar is an intelligently carved thriller, well executed and perfectly delivered by the casts. Vishal seems to have well understood his role and ensured he does what is required to the perfection. The actor exhibits a well matured performance which is hardly seen in his earlier movies .Vishal proves again his potential after Avan Ivan, he could very well lead the race provided he picks the right project. Next to Vishal stands Trisha in acting, the script has ample scope for her and she has done it good. Having two heroines in a movie is a challenge and the director has ensured both of them have much importance in the story.

The movie begins with Vishal's intro as a trekker and the story moves on to Bangkok in very few minutes from where it gains pace and takes you to the edge of the seat till interval, leaving you no clue of the truth behind the trap. The wholesome credit goes to the Director Thiru for making an engaging script with a brilliant screenplay that doesn’t let you to take your eyes off the screen. Cinematography is very well handled especially on the songs, stunts and the chase scene before the interval. The romance between Vishal-Sunaina is neat; their relationship is well portrayed in the very first intro song, a good example of tight screenplay. The Character roles played by Jayaprakash and Sampath are good.                             

Yuvan's music is worth a mention and his background score helps the movie to a greater extent in the action and thriller scenes .Technically the movie is good overall and Ramakrishnan the writer shines on few dialogues.

On the downside, second half is slightly not that engaging as first half does - one reason could be the secret behind the trap gets unfolded. Adding to that the reason given for the trap game doesn’t convince much. Does one take these much efforts for a game which is only for the sake of a pleasure??Though the director calls them a psycho, it still fails to convince. These are minor let downs but overall it is a differently thought intelligently penned movie. A very good refreshing attempt, this type of thriller is new to Tamil Cinema.

The movie was supposed to hit the screen on Dec 2012 and Tamil Cinema fans have waited for more than a month for its release that kept dragging but all viewers would agree Samar is definitely worth the wait.

Lakshmi Kanthan Thirukkural Mani