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Praise the spark of the director that stirred this creation- Salim. Applaud the guts of the banner to delve into the most sensitive issue shaking the society for years but more in limelight now. Salim-Deadly act especially after first half devoid of too many expressions to silently rebel against the dastardly act of four youngsters. Fine personification of an educated but innocent common man turning riotous to safeguard good and end the evils in the society. Is terrorism a fruit of compulsions? Was the role tailored for Vijay Antony or did he perfectly fit into the character? 
This music director is going to see his brighter pasture as an actor. Though we will have to miss his off screen presence (melodies) for a while but it is certainly a delight to see him on screen. Post interval the pace is just awesome driving  you to the seat edge. The scathing attack on the dirty bureaucracy, political piracy and completely money minded institutions which actually encourage unsocial elements needs special mention. Disappointing lead actress. Pushes the message into the viewers that we have to step out to clean the filth in the society piling up by acts demeaning women. Thousands of Narmadas are being slaughtered everyday by heartless insane idiots. We need hundreds of thousands of Silent killers like Salim to clean our society. A welcome concept and befitting creation for the women. Are they trying to convey that as Dr Salim in the  first half -nothing good can be done if one is good or should everyone become a Salim of the post intermission phase -the need of the hour to do good? 
Jayanthi Raja Seenivasan

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