Review - Ulidavaru Kandante

Review - Ulidavaru Kandante

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Was waiting for such kind of Art movies... Ok let’s get to the core in Ulidavaru Kandante Style -


Chapter 1 - Kannada Film Industry


First of all very glad to see Kannada Industry rising up. Movie is heavily inspired from Pulp Fiction in terms of story except for ending. And Inglorious Bastards and Pulp Fiction again for screenplay. Movie had lot of shades of Pulp Fiction, Story, Screenplay and also Rakshit Shetty's warning dialog about Cuban while Samuel L Jackson - (Jules) warning dialog was a Bible verse. I will never complain about it coz for an industry which is trying to rise up I really don’t find it odd to get inspired from classics and cooking them up in our kitchen and serving it to our people. (Screenplay tags further to Chapter 4 in this article)


Chapter 2 - Audience


Movie for sure is not for commercial movie watchers or preferers, if you are one kindly skip it. This is an off beat movie. Or in critics language - "Parellel Cinema". I think it’s a start of a Great Era in Kannada industry to make movies like Lucia and Ulidavaru Kandante. Audience need to support such strange attempts. Of course if it’s bad then its bad. But this is not. I feel even audience is getting matured day by day so such movies will have lot of audience adding in year by year. Its left to directors to experiment them.


Chapter 3 - Rakshit Shetty the Villan


Not even a rat's brain would have thought that Rakshit Shetty could pull it off elegantly. No am not talking just as a director, Yes.... As an Actor, brilliant acting. Rumors whisper that Rajinikanth has roped Sudeep for his next movie as villain may be Rashit Shetty also can attend that interview. We have lot of villains in our Indian Film Industry but there are very few villains who are liked more than heroes in the movie.


Chapter 4 - Shades of Pulp Fiction.


I am personally not a great supporter of remakes or inspired films, but considering the fact the industry is going through, I really don’t mind for remakes of classics or even getting inspired from it. May be 10 years down the lane if Rakshi Shetty still has shades of any other movie then I would question him but now with those noble thought of "Rising the quality yard stick for Kannada industry" I am completely fine. Because as a movie its going to be a great one but as a director your thinking abilities are questioned later. Once a director gets addicted to remakes, its too hard to come out of that dungeon, you are sentenced for life there. We have a lot of live examples in Indian Cinema Industry.


Chapter 5 - Back Ground Music


If you are a fan of Clint Eastwood or Quentin Tarantino just go for this movie, Music reminds you of old classics of Eastwood and couple of movies of QT. Music was a killer, perfect merge of Texan Cowboy and Traditional Indian Music. Songs Songs Songs.... I think its high time to cut down songs for such serious subjects, the children song is totally unnecessary for the movie and it really disturbs audience mind while their mind is seriously travelling with the movie and there is toll gate.


Chapter 6 - Errors


Movie is period movie but one can see that Rishab Shetty is sporting a trendy Fast track watch, which wasn’t available back then. Secondly in the first scene where the kid comes out of her and captures Rakshit Shetty being arrested as a kid. The girl comes out of the car and the door is not closed but in the next frames its closed. When Sheethal Shetty says that she is not sure about where Rishab met his mom or not, she also knows that his mom is alive and she could have interviewed her or no where in screenplay it says that she is no more now.


Final Chapter - Verdict


Take a bow Rakshit Shetty for directing a movie like this. Please also learn that there are hell a lot of art movie lovers in our state please quench our thirst. Its time for us to proudly say that even KFI can also do great movies and can send them to Oscar Nominations.

Harish Tinku

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