Pannaiyarum Padhminiyum - Perfect Ride

Pannaiyarum Padhminiyum - Perfect Ride

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If you want a one line review of the film - Juries of any award function that is going to be held for 2014 will be reserving few of their awards for this movie (I hope so, don’t ask me if they don’t – It will be an injustice if this didn’t win any)

Film opens with Dinesh of 'Attakathi' fame telling a story of his place - a story of Pannaiyar and his car.

If you are a person who love to drive a car and couldn't afford one or a youngster who had grown up longing to be in the hot seat of this dream vehicle of every common man, then you can relate to a major length of the movie and will be involved in the story more than anything.

Vijay Sethupathy (Murugesan), has given a top level performance in this and once again he romances Ayshwarya (Malarvizhi) after last week release Rummy. As all would have known previously, Jayaprakash gets to be the caretaker of a car, which he fell in love with at first sight. 'Enga Ooru Vandi' is fabulously portrayed on screen.

Our Pannaiyar is not gifted with the art of driving and Vijay Sethupathy joins him as driver in the need of an emergency and gear rod comedy make laughter. Pannayar wanted to learn driving for his wife Thulasi (Chellamma), who wants him to drive if she has to sit in car.

The couple’s wedding anniversary is around the corner, so our Pannaiyar plans a trip to temple on his drive. Vijay Sethupathy fears that he may not get to drive his car if he himself learns to drive. However, he could help himself after seeing the couple’s bonding and you will be served richly with this film. What might happen if the owner (Thulasi’s brother) of the car comes back for it makes everyone sad. But his arrival was delayed for his medical condition. The battle between our car and mini bus driver is engaging. When everything was going smooth including Vijay Sethupathy’s love, thanks to the car again, the owner’s daughter comes asking for her father’s belongings. This gives us the break from a joyful first part. 

Ayshwarya didn’t get the center of attraction but her casting and characterization fits in the screenplay well. Neelima Rani as daughter of Pannaiyar, plays the daughter who always demands things from his father and like every character she is used brilliantly. 

Comedy timing of Balasaravanan (Peedai) is tremendous and a special praise for the team not to fall back on Soori, as there seems to be a quota between Santhanam and him for urban and rural movies after the disappearance of other reputed comedians and there is a shortage for comedians now in industry. As a servant in the house his dialogues were delightful.

It was a wonderful performance from Jayaprakash. A class act from him. Along with Thulasi, he has given a strong performance. There is nothing more lovely and romantic than an elderly married couple showing their affection for each other without ego and happiness automatically comes to your face watching them on screen. In the scenes where he get to sit in the car for the first time, jumping around the house in joy for the car, watching his wife sleep in night, scolding Vijay Sethupathy, there is no alternative for this role (A big sorry to Nasser). Filmmakers might stop using him in villain roles hereafter.

Thulasi lives as Chellamma, wife of Pannaiyar. The conversations between her and Vijay Sethupathy, behind Pannaiyar’s presence are noteworthy, particularly towards climax.

Editing of Sreekar Prasad goes like a turn of the page full of contents. It is a great work from him to showcase director Arun Kumar’s scenes. Camera of Gokul Benoy gives realistic and simply effective angles. The music of Justin Prabhakaran deserves some appreciation as he have to convey the feel of disappointment, sadness, joy, love and emotion and jovial moments in this one. ‘Onakaga Poranthene’ creates a good feeling. The team work of the crew is magical.

With a story teller in place, you get a clear idea that story is set to end with him and even though you can guess that to an extent you will not lose a moment of attention.

Debutant director has penned the screenplay as there is everything meaningful in it and has believed in his execution completely rather than unnecessary commercial garbage. Sneha will make a guest appearance other than this no special care is given to it. No glass breaking stunts, no item song, no smoking and alcohol contents, not even a friendship dialogue. You will be surprised to know that there is no sign of alcoholic and smoking documentary warning before this. This film is a lesson and a role model for film makers that such a film can be made. Many congratulations for the producers of this movie.

If you can’t sit inside the theatre without masala items and action scenes especially punch dialogues don’t complain about quality. Mistake is on your side.

It will be a film to remember for Vijay Sethupathy. Director Arun Kumar makes a rocking debut with this project.

Marks: 9.5/10

Pradeep Kalamegam

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