Lingaa - Visitor Review

Lingaa - Visitor Review

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Lingaa, Superstar's much awaited film, with a different and intelligent story line has been portrayed well on screen and does not disappoint.


There are no words to explain the excitement one feels on seeing Thalaivar on the big screen, especially after a much awaited 4 year break. From the moment he appears on screen with his introduction song right up to the end, there is not a dull point in the film despite it being 3 hours long.


The movie encompasses all the elements of a Rajni movie. His style, punch dialogues, comic sense, stunts and even his dancing don't fail to delight us.


Rajni is amazing to watch as Raja Lingeshwaran and it is appreciable that he has chosen to take his age into consideration and has performed in the duet and romantic scenes with much dignity.


Look out for his stylish dressing in the flashback and the train fight scene which is the highlight of the movie. Anushka Shetty is more than just a pretty face in this film. She has ample opportunity to show her acting skills and surprisingly shares great chemistry with the Superstar. Sonakshi Sinha is well suited for her role and has done a remarkable job in spite of not knowing the language.


The drawback of the movie may be Jagabathi Babu as the villain who is more like a caricature but might suit the Telugu audience. Special mention for K Viswanath who is always a delight to watch. Santhanam's comedy was perfect and not over the top with Karunakaran supporting him well.


The music is well suited for the film, as most of the songs are situation based.


All in all, Lingaa is a typical Rajni movie that we fans have been waiting to watch for ages and have not been disappointed.


To the critics, it is silly to comment about his age when we all know how old he really is and when his role is not one where he acts like he is all that much younger. Neither is it called for to criticize his larger than life persona or unbelievable stunt sequences when it is that which we look forward to. Anyone who has been following his career in the recent years knows this. Rajni's films work for his fans and that's what counts.


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