Kill the Messenger- Visitor Review

Kill the Messenger- Visitor Review

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Kill the Messenger - Political Thriller - Directed by Michael Cuesta....


I wonder what kind of guts American Directors have to take movie on grey side of CIA apparently an Anti US movie. Indian Directors got mountains to learn from them.


Movie is about US trying to help raise funds for efforts against the Nicaraguan Government, in the process CIA supports cocaine trafficking into US by top heads of Nicaraguan Contra Rebel organizations and allowed the crack epidemic to spread in Los Angeles. And there is a journalist named Gary Webb who uproots this incident in the media. Initially he is very well supported by his organization but eventually his organisation get politically influenced and what they do to Gary and what happens to him is the story.


Very good casting and screenplay loses its track close to the climax but ends well. Movie had its thriller moments though was distracted by family drama in-between. End of the day its a Neat Political Thriller.


Verdict - As Mark Twain said - Loyalty to the country always. Loyalty to the government when it deserves it.



Harish Tinkku

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