ISAI Tamil movie review

ISAI Tamil movie review

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SJ Suryah has once again proved that he is a legend in his own territory of storytelling, his conceptualization of a simple plot and making the audience hooked to that.


Suryah always tells the story at first frame since his second movie KUSHI and then unfolds his narration; ISAI carries forward the battalion of Suryah's earlier movies with ease.


The first half moves with the pace which suits the tone for freshness and sets a pulsating path for the second half.


SJ Suryah as an actor has gone up several levels in ISAI, he uses his tone for the same scene and same dialogue with different emoting levels, for an emotion based movie, this is most important to grip the audience. Suryah does that well, he switches between various versatility levels of emotions and dialogue delivery to deliver the right tone of that scene, there lies the success of the narration,


Savithri does the role of a standard heroine of all SJ Suryah movies and utilizes the scenes to show her acting in the last frames of the movie. Sathyaraj's role is a jackpot for him and he pulls of the role in his rocking style and I can't think of anyone other than Sathyaraj for that famed out old age music composer. Ganja Karuppu gets a mighty role for laughter after a long time and he evokes the humor in all the scenes he comes.


Art director Milan replicates the creative conceptualization of Suryah in all frames of the movie. Soundararajan captures the breezy tone of Kodaikanal where first half travels and the city backdrop in second half with fresh frames with lots of energy and breezy lighting. Editor Riyas job is never easy as Suryah's narration travels in different planes; Riyas does not confuse the narration and makes it more sensible. Music director Suryah does a commendable job both in songs and BGM in his very first movie.


Director SJ Suryah's placing of the song Nee poiyaa appears as an imaginative song at one frame and later he unfolds that as a real song in the last frame of the movie.


SJ Suryah justifies the 3 hour 10 min narration of the movie with a thundering climax which is mind blowing and gives great thumbs up to the movie. The climax takes the movie to recognize the real knock out of a typical SJ Suryah narration


This movie also has the standard Suryah's templates and touches in right dosages throughout. For an offbeat narration and an outstanding climax my rating is 3.5/5 for this Suryah's attempt


Venkatesh Ramakrishnan

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