Is Vijay Singled out for publicity and attention?

Is Vijay Singled out for publicity and attention?

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Vijay, alias Ilayathapathy is known for being a great dancer and an entertainer in Tamil Cinema. His films are always known for having lot of celebrations during the release, irrespective of whether they turn out as a hit or a flop. But, on the other end, most of his films are facing lot of problems during or after the release with some reason or the other, especially from the day he entered in to the era of doing successful mass films. Here is the list of Vijay films that faced problems during its release.
1. Thirupachi - A mosquito killing company put a case stating that the movie has shown their product in a poor light, as Vijay kills one of the villains by spraying that mosquito spray continuously on the mouth of the villain. Later on the mosquito company name was blurred.
2. Sachin - The much hyped Vijay – Bipasha Basu song was deleted stating some copy right issues from a Telugu film. Later on after 3-4 weeks of the release the song was added with a different tune.
3. Sivakasi–Some lawyers protested against this movie stating that some scenes were making fun of them. Later on after some clarification from the Sivakasi team the protest went down.
4. Pokkiri - It didn't release on first day in some of the theatres, stating that the theatre owners demand a compensation for his previous film Aadhi. Later on when the word of mouth was so good, they started screening the film from Day 2.
5. When Vijay met a national political leader, a regional political channel started buying his films. Though they earned profits by selling those films for a huge price, theatre owners lost some money, especially in his 50th film Sura and then asked compensation from Vijay but not from the people who distributed his films.
6. Kaavalan–This movie was delayed for 1.5 days with protests from various groups and parties and then finally got released after lot of struggle.
7. Velayudham–A political party tried to block theatre for their film and reduced the number of screens for this movie during its release. But later on after getting a good word of mouth, the screens were increased and it became a Diwali winner.
8. Nanban–A political party wanted Vijay to be out of this project. Till the last moment, no one was sure whether Vijay would be a part of this movie but finally Vijay acted in this film.
9. Thuppaki - The movie supposedly hurt the religious sentiments of some religious organizations all of a sudden, when there were many such films about terrorism without any big protest in past. Finally some of the dialogues were muted from this movie.
10. Thalaiva - Needless to say. The movie was delayed for 10 days just because of some bomb threat calls against the movie. After 10 days, the caption TIME TO LEAD was removed from the film and thus the movie got released.
11. Jilla–Few days before the release of this movie, someone filed a case in court stating that a Telugu dubbed movie also had the same title and thus the movie should not release on Pongal 2014 unless the issue is solved. Later on since that case failed, the movie got released on time.
12. Kaththi – This time, the problem started with the production house (LYCA). Later on, in spite of the production house agreeing to remove their name from the title card, theatres were attacked for starting the advance booking and finally the movie got released on time with protesters withdrawing their protest. The movie got released without LYCA’s name in the title card (In Tamilnadu alone). Now when the movie has entered in to the 100 crore club, there are allegations about copyrights and plagiarism about this movie all of a sudden, after all these protesting going down. There are also some group protesting against this movie as the movie has some dialogs against corruption.
All these problems don’t seem to be a mere coincidence. These problems and pressure indicate that they were all targeted against one name, VIJAY.
In my opinion, Cinema is just a medium of entertainment and Vijay is just an actor who is part of Tamil Cinema Industry. Cinema should not be mixed with politics for one’s own attention and publicity.
Thanks and Regards,
Balaji Sridharan

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