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I am re-writing this again and again and I think I will continue to do it throughout my life or till the day Karthik Subbaraj continues to create many more masterpieces.


Of the directors out from Naalaya Iyakkunar, many of them can direct movies only in particular genres. But Karthik will be the one who can direct in any genre. He has just proved that in Jigarthanda.


His writing, detailing, casting stand out. Tamil Cinema can definitely feel proud of this man. One of the greatest directors that this industry has produced is in the making.


Iraivi - Karthik has asked us not to reveal the story and I stick to that. But the reason is not because he has asked us to do it - but because this is a movie which needs to be felt rather than reading or hearing from someone. I say this for one more reason - I was a privileged few who knew the story before Karthik started this project and from the one that I heard and the one I felt today – it’s something that disturbs you - especially the way you 'live' with women in your family. It’s the same story that he told me, but the way he has adapted this - I remember the lines from Jigarthanda - 'சினிமாலதான் மக்கள் சிரிக்கிறதுக்காக எடுக்கறவன் அழுகணும்'. What a script writing Karthik. Young directors should learn from you.


There are men who talk about feminism and everyone knew that this is still a male dominant society. But what most women would want is just 'let them be' - which never happens even in a family which says we respect women. As said by Karthik himself, this movie is not about feminism but allowing women to live 'as they wish' - And that woman is not someone who lives with us.


There are sequences which had to be dealt carefully - the scene in which Bobby Simhaa has to say about his 'love' and Karthik has rightfully chosen the character's mom. If he would have said the same to someone else, that part would have fallen on the other side of the thin line.


About the cast - Karthik has rightfully chosen the characters and they all have done an excellent job. Though there are places where SJ Suryah reminds his previous outings, this will stand his best. And Kamalini, Anjali, Pooja, Vadivaukkarasi, Vijay Sethupathi, Bobby Simha, Karuna and Radharavi - they all have done an excellent job.


One might find too much of cuts in the initial portions, but they were needed for the story to settle down nicely. I loved the 2nd half which will disturb every 'man' in this society about the way he 'treats' his mom, sister, wife, kid - every woman in his family.


A little letdown I felt are the songs - except 'Dushta' and an excellent 'Manidhi', others have failed to create the 'Pizza' and 'Jigarthanda' magic.


Hats Off  Karthik Subbaraj! Proud of you as usual!

Jagadheeswaran D
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