In Bloom (2013) – Georgian movie

In Bloom (2013) – Georgian movie

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This is one of the finest movies, dealingwith the friendship between two young school going girls in a society which it didn't turn modern. This Georgian movie was introduced by our Chennai Film festival team in their last film festival.  


The story is all about two teenage girls and their friendship. The director conveyed their problems and also their way of handling it. The movie completely explains their love, family, sorrows, fun and most importantly courage. The Screenplay was created based on the primary characters Nadia and Eka where it focuses both of them exclusively with equal importance.


Both the lead girls’ performance was very colorful and gives you the right kind of emotions right from the first shot. The grand-mother of Natia was perfect along with Eka's mother and sister. The directors showcased the rural areas of Georgia very clearly, we may not know anything about their country but there is plenty to enjoy the visuals which are captured.


The cinematography was dazzling where the cinematographer captured some gorgeous singles shots remarkably, to be precise, scene where the girl’s party turns in to a group study that non-stop dance from Eka on Natia's wedding was stupendous and make us think like, how scarcely they have rehearsed it in the workshop before capturing them  in the real location.


The music and editing played their part effectively and conceived what the director want form them. There are scenes where you can feel their tense, like Natia's abduction by one of her stalker and in another scene where Natia asking for the gun from Eka to kill her husband, there are lots of sequences like that for you to get connected with the feel of the movie. The screenplay was moving like episodes and the director didn't confuse any of them.


The movie also defines their culture and the way how their girls are thinking about leading a life. Only flaw in this movie is it's time killing narrative but still these two girls make us cross this hurdle with ease and peace.


Verdict - Girls are not common all over the world but their feelings are.



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