Enthaaraa Enthaaraa - 4:41 Minutes of Magic

Enthaaraa Enthaaraa - 4:41 Minutes of Magic

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Enthaaraa Enthaaraa, a song from Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah, composed by M. Ghibran. This song is sung by Shadab Farid and Chinmayi. An addictive song from Chinmayi - Ghibran combo after Sara Sara which won her all the awards for best female singer that year.
I never heard Shadab Farid before, but he is too good in this song. I think he will be regular from now onwards. Then, Chinmayi, who really has a beautiful voice may be next to my favorite Shreya Ghosal in the current singers. She has sung some beautiful songs this year, like Netru Aval Irunthal from Maryan, Titli from Chennai Express. 
The Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah is a beautiful album from Ghibran who's been impressing in every movie. This song Enthaaraa Enthaaraa is my favorite. It was instantly catchy and addictive, which made me hear more than fifty times in just two days. It starts slowly with Shadab singing with high energy and he goes into that Nah nah nah nah humming. After that humming when Chinmayi joins him, the orchestration just picks up and makes you fly. Ghibran's orchestration is really brilliant. I don't know the instruments used except the piano, but it sounds very good. After a long time I hooked to a single song. It was like his Poraney Poraney from Vaagai Sooda Vaa, which has brilliant music and singing as well. The lyrics are also nice, lines like 'தண்ணீரை கூசிகொண்டே மெல்ல செல்லும் பிம்பங்கள் நீயாகிறாய் எதிரே', 'இல்லாத ஊரில் இல்லாத பேரில் நம் காதல் வாழுமே', etc.
Netru Aval Irunthal was my song of the year 2013. It was beautiful song, superb lyrics from Valee sir and brilliant music from Rahman. I had the same feeling that Netru Aval Irunthal gave. Thanks to Ghibran, Shadab and Chinmayi. I just can't wait to hear this song in theater or in a home theater at least.
Chandhu Sivaswamy

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