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Why single out RGV – who recently famously brought to screen the gruesome murder of Neeraj Grover in his Not A Love Story and is constantly in the news for taking inspiration from sensational news headlines – when most of our movies are inspired by real life events. Thankfully, or otherwise, Tamil movies are rarely inspired by such sensational stories. But we never know what’s keeping directors off from adapting such news headlines to big screen.

Here are 5 ideas, handpicked from news headlines that could perfectly fit into a 2-hour movie script. These truths, stranger than fiction, make for perfect movie premises.

1)      Mommy who, Daddy who?: You can only handle so many twists in a tale. But the Bhattacharyas are keeping even the Norway Government and the child care officials in tenterhooks with their everyday revelations. First it was the parents against the Norwegian government and now it’s the parents against each other. While the husband declared he’s getting a divorce – only to make a U turn the next day – the wife’s parents in India accuse the husband of abusing their daughter. All this while, the children’s future hangs in the air. Me thinks this will make a riveting family thriller. God bless the children though.

2)      Yeddy’s wants the Chair back: Although there’s nothing left to be said about politicians and their craving for the proverbial power, Karnataka’s ex-Chief Minister Yeddyurappa tops it all. After stepping down from the Chief Minister’s chair, his constant endeavor has been to dethrone the present CM Sadananda Gowda. Recently, he gathered around 50 MLAs who are in his favor and put them up – basically house arrest them - in a resort in Bangalore, to show his support. If it’s riveting enough to read the headlines he is making everyday, imagine a full length political thriller on him?

3)      Pay Donation, Get Admission: Screamed a national daily’s headline recently. With education having become a fully recognized profit making business, private schools in the city are charging anything between a few thousands and a few lakhs of rupees in donation. The donations go up according to the posh quotient of the school. Apparently, there are schools that charge up to 50 grand for pre-KG admission, you heard it right. Pre-KG admission, where they basically feed your kid and put you to sleep for two hours! Now, how about a social satire?

4)      The Fight Club: Just as we thought the wage hike issue that’s crippling the industry in its totality is finally reaching a conclusion, a new issue has snowballed and brought the entire peace-making process into a grinding halt. In effect, the infighting of the film fraternity has been brought to light and we see a lot of dirty linen washed in public. As the issue stands now, it seems there is a danger of FEFSI being split up and there are chances that a new union will be formed. That, I think, will be a brilliant film idea. Add to the fact that we do not have any movies that touch upon such issues prevalent in the film industry in the past, let Velli Thirai alone, this would make an interesting premise.

5)      Casting Couch: I won’t be naïve and go all the way to say that there is no casting couch in the Tamil industry. But Bollywood seems to be riddled with such issues and they often are exposed too. Recent case is of Irffan Khan, who is accused by a starlet. Small time actor Mamta Patel, who shared screen with Irffan in a blink-and-you-miss type role, accused him of ‘deceitful intimacy.’ For all you know the Irffan who has maintained a squeaky clean image so far could be innocent. But this makes for a curious script. How come RGV never thought of casting couch?

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