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Vinayak Mahadev in Mankatha and David Billa in Billa (2007) are arguably the two most powerful characters Ajith has ever played. Of course there were characters with class and versatility, but when you think about power, the two characters that jumps in front are Vinayak and Billa. 

And how about this for a fantasy. David Billa fights with Vinayak Mahadev for money and power. Both are violent, dared to do anything for money even they will go to an extent to kill their loved ones. More than anything they never give up until their last breath. How would it be if two characters which were well conceived by audience dash each other in a fresh movie with a new creative story and screenplay? 
The moment when you visulaise this, you either think this as a great idea or just another crap. And to be honest this is not my very own idea, while travelling through Venkat Prabhu’s Twitter page I just saw an Ajith fan tweeted as Vinayak meets Billa in another 2 years. I was impressed with this tweet and was grinding my thoughts which made me to come up with a column of this kind. It really amazed me a lot when I started visualizing this. And then I realized that yes, this could be practically possible.

Here, in a Q & A format, I share my views and doubts what every reader would have if this idea were ever to take off in terms of implementation and other difficulties.

1. First of all don’t you think it is juvenile?

Every idea which comes out of box will look mediocre. What matters is the end result. If it clicks it will be looked upon as a great idea on the other hand if it fails then you will receive a very bad response. So everything depends on how well it is been executed. 

2. Is this a column by an Ajith fan or you analyzed various actors and picked Vinayak and Billa? If so, why did you pick these two characters? 

No I haven’t done any research work with other actors. This column is by a diehard Ajith fan. And the reason why I picked is that both characters have negative shades. The atmosphere could be electrifying if these characters (which have lots of energy, cruelty, cunningness, power) dash against each other to rule the underworld. 

3. Will this be a cake walk for a director to handle a script of this kind? 

No, it will even test the patience of coolest ones. With just a spark you can create your story and screenplay in any dimension. And expectation would go sky high and more than that each fan will visualize how this will shape up in his / her own terms and you could win only if at least you match the expectation level. The director who handles should come up with a smart screenplay which exceeds the expectations. 

4. Tamil Cinema is now in a phase where we speak about world class movies and discuss about how to lift ourselves to international standards. So is this the right time to come up with an experimentation of this sort? 

Why not? It doesn’t matter what the trend is, if the screenplay could entertain the audience and make him / her enjoy and travel with the film for 2 and half hours then you can make any kind of experimentation.

5. Alright, honestly speaking, do you think this is practically possible?

I may even write another 10,000 lines justifying its possibility but still this question will arise. I just like to answer this with another question. Folks, do u think this is an impossible task?

6. And now this idea has been discussed online and what would media write about the director who takes up this and how much credit critics would give to his smartness?

Good question, but the real smartness of the director will be revealed about how he makes a story and screenplay out of it. There is a lots scope for the director to show his creative strength.

7. Do you think Ajith fans would love when an Ajith dashes with another one?

Why not? Vaali, Attagasam, Varalaru are some examples. There were sequences in these movies where they actually enjoyed a lot. And the clash between the son and father Ajith where he gets up from the wheel chair in Varalauu has received a tremendous response among audience and Ajith fans. Just imagine an atmosphere with a twist of similar effect when two powerful and violent characters like Vinyak and Billa are up against each other. The moment I think about this atmosphere my mouth whispers (just read this is Veera Rajini’s style) “Aoooowww is it”

If this becomes reality then I would like to suggest a tagline for the film. How would this be for a tagline? “The Don vs The King Maker”

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