Veeram SWOT Analysis


By Kaushik L M

The biggest release day in recent times is just over a day away, with Veeram and Jilla getting ready to lock horns with one another on Jan 10th, all over the world. Both the movies have been competing with each other in getting the best screens in Tamil Nadu, thanks to the equal mass following that both Ajith and Vijay command.

Here, we do a quick SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat) analysis of Veeram to figure out this Siva movie from all possible angles.


  • Undoubtedly Ajith leads the strong points of the movie. He will be seen clad in a simple white shirt – dhoti attire for the most part, along with his quintessential ‘salt and pepper’ hairstyle. He has taken the usual risks for the stunts, tried a few jigs for the songs, has shaken a leg with Tamannah in the duets and has put in all his efforts to present a clean mass entertainer for the TN audiences. He would be hoping that the movie works well.
  • The presence of Santhanam is another boost to the movie’s trade prospects. With a great track record in recent times, a set of audiences would see Veeram just for ‘Santa’. Other notable actors in the movie such as Thambi Ramaiah, Appukutty and Nassar are also expected to add weight to the movie.
  • The movie’s release time counts as a plus, as such a mass family entertainer perfectly sits with the festive Pongal mood in the state. With an extended holiday period of around 10 days, Veeram has all the chances of entering the safe zone as soon as possible, given Ajith’s opening pull. If reviews are favourable, then the sky is the limit.
  • Devi Sri Prasad’s songs such as Jing Chakkan and Nallavannu Solvaanga have earned good pre-release response from the masses and with good visuals; they can drive in more audiences to theatres.
  • The teasers and trailer have made a solid impact, particularly among Thala fans and even among the general audiences. Ajith’s dialogs have created a rage. This sets up the platform for the movie’s release pretty well.


  • Of late, audiences have been really dismissive of stale big-budgeted mass entertainers and if Veeram doesn’t strike the right chord, it has chances of going down. Some mass entertainers have suffered because of loud clichéd villains, too many fight scenes, needless song sequences and Veeram would do well to not fall in the same trap.
  • The Ajith – Tamannah pairing looks a bit weak, on the evidence of the duet songs which have been showcased in the teasers and stills, primarily due to Ajith’s ‘salt and pepper’ styling. The final word on the chemistry between this new pair is reserved till the time Veeram releases on 10th.


  • Ajith has gambled by totally going against his recent template of stylish films. Veeram presents him with a big opportunity to prove his versatility and also to increase his reach among the family audiences, ladies and kids. 
  • Glam doll Tamannah makes a re-entry to the Tamil scene and she would be counting Veeram as her big ticket to a solid second inning in the industry. She looks ravishing in the stills, decked in grand silk saris. At just 24 and with such a pretty frame, she is still very much a hot figure to look forward to. Her supreme dancing skills are bound to make a mark in Veeram’s songs.
  • The actors who are acting as Ajith’s brothers would be looking at Veeram as a much-needed whiff of fresh air, particularly Bala and Vidharth, who have already attempted playing the lead hero in some movies. Debutantes Suhail and Munish would be hoping that Veeram opens up more avenues for them in the industry.
  • Veeram marks director Siva’s second Tamil film, after Siruthai. As we know, the second film is a big test for any creative person and Siva would be expecting Veeram to further consolidate his position in the Tamil market.
  • With both Jilla and Veeram releasing on the same day, the trade will be seeing it as a big opportunity to fill up their coffers. If both the movies manage to become box-office successes, then it would prove to be the best harvest period in recent times for distributors and exhibitors in the state. 


  • Jilla counts as Veeram’s biggest competitor in TN and the battle lines have been drawn already, with fans waging wars in the online space. It’s a matter of pride for ardent fans to see their favourite star’s movie win the Pongal Battle Royale. Jilla might eat into Veeram’s business and the same applies vice-versa too.
  • Jilla and the two Telugu biggies Yevadu and 1 Nenokkadine, would be competing with Veeram in the other states and overseas markets, and have taken up quite a chunk of screen space for themselves.

Good luck to Ajith, Siva and team for a successful Veeram.



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