Thanga Meengal - Yours originally Ram


By Abhishek Krishnan

After etching out a dream debut such as Kattradhu Thamizh, director Ram remained concealed for a very long time, hoisting question marks above the heads of the audience.

After a long hold-up Ram has pulled the other end of the halyard bursting open the question marks to shower us with Thanga Meengal. The title Thanga Meengal is a metaphoric representation of the innocent reveries of little kids who are often ignored by the practical minded “I-am-always-right” people.

Ram has portrayed the relationship between an uneducated father and an ebullient daughter. The father, Kalyani, played by Ram himself, is a character who has a never ending downpour of love towards his daughter. His unanticipated outbursts over things as little as not being able to get his daughter a gift she had asked for, explains his boundless affection towards his daughter. The daughter, Chellama, on the other hand is an uber-cute innocent young girl who always carries a bag of questions with her.

Ram has managed to dive into an ocean of innocence and come out with such lovely pearls that have the elegance to entice the world. He has portrayed Kalyani’s struggle between innocence and practicality and has managed to handle it comprehensively.

Although it is just the second film for Ram, the dialogues in his movies have created an impact already. Kattradhu Thamizh had dialogues that squeezed out our euphoria and Ram has not failed to repeat history. Dialogues such as “Kaakkaikku than kunju ponkunju’nu Kaaka unga kitta soleecha” and “Nee mattum saga koodathu, illa pa” were subtle yet powerful. The way Kalyani explains to his daughter, how to write W and M is another example of the delicate dexterity in the dialogues.

A story packed with innocence, flavoured by love, family and sentiments along with a tiny scoop of our current education system, helmed by a visionary director, produces a master piece such as Thanga Meengal.

The originality in the script got us inquisitive on the research Ram would have done to carve out so much perfection. Our curiosity urged us to get in touch with the man himself.

I’ve done considerable research for the film. I spoke to my daughter regularly to get inputs. In fact I have made a short story consisting of a good 35 to 40 pages from the inputs I received from my daughter.

When quizzed about the response from the audience Ram was delighted to mention that the movie has been welcomed well in the A and B centers. Ram also mentioned that he received calls from teachers, appreciating him for the good work. Children seem to be more fascinated by the movie. They appear to enjoy the scenes were Sadhana speaks about her dream school and the story of Evita.

The trust and support provided by Gautham Menon and J Sathish Kumar to produce a movie which is realistic and experimental deserves a standing ovation.

Ram has not only justified the title with neat elements in the story line, but has also mixed the elements evenly into the batter. On the whole Thanga Meengal is an artistic master piece by a promising director who is very passionate about the art.



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