Swot analysis of Ivan Vera Mathiri


By Kaushik L M

Vikram Prabhu’s second movie as a lead hero, Ivan Veramathiri (IVM) is set for release this Friday, amid a great marketing drive from its makers. Thirrupathi Brothers and UTV Motion Pictures have jointly produced this movie, directed by Saravanan and co-starring Surabhi, Vamsi and Ganesh Venkatraman.

Let’s do a quick SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat) analysis of IVM and analyze whether the movie has what it takes to hit the bull’s-eye at the box-office.


  • Vikram Prabhu came across as a promising lead hero in his first movie Kumki and a lot is expected out of his turn as an action hero, given his muscular physique and height. The movie also features other tall and handsome men in Vamsi and Ganesh. While the former is the baddie in the tale, Ganesh plays a cop yet again, after the memorable Unnai Pol Oruvan.
  • After a movie such as Engeyum Eppodhum, director Saravanan deserves all the hype and plaudits that have come his way. His name in the credits is a major pulling factor for IVM and some novelty is expected even in this commercial movie.
  • The trailer sent across all the right signals and a riveting action thriller is promised.
  • The typically commercial songs by Sathya have made quite an impression across FM stations in the far corners of the state. They are being used extensively on TV to further the pre-release hype for the movie.
  • The presence of the experienced Sreekar Prasad adds a lot of weight to the movie as he has been involved in some of the memorable films in recent times. He has also handled commercial extravaganzas such as Thuppakki and Arrambam.
  • The marketing and promotions for IVM have been extensive in both traditional media platforms as well as social media, primarily due to UTV’s involvement. 
  • IVM will be experiencing a grand release in TN with more than 300 screens expected for the opening weekend. If the initial reviews are good, then the movie has the makings of a box-office success.


  • Given the action-packed genre of the film, there is always some scope for the public to question the plausibility and logic behind certain scenes, as has been witnessed even with some of the biggest blockbusters in recent times.
  • A well-known face as the heroine would have lifted the profile of IVM even higher but the verdict on Surabhi is reserved till the film’s release on Friday.
  • One also wonders if a more experienced composer would have added more weight to an action flick such as IVM, with respect to the background scores.


  • The second film is always a big test for any newcomer and in this case, both Vikram Prabhu and director Saravanan are facing their big second tests. If they succeed, then a long rosy path is ahead for these talented youngsters. A big opportunity awaits both these men as IVM nears its release.
  • Others in the cast such as Surabhi, Ganesh, Vamsi and technicians Sathya and Shakthi, will also be looking at IVM to open up more avenues for them in the industry


  • There is the threat of people not accepting Vikram Prabhu as an all-conquering vigilante in just his second movie.
  • Such vigilante movies have been handled before by many renowned directors and stars. IVM has to stand out from this pack somehow in order to gain audience acceptance.
  • December is already packed with so many releases every week as has been widely discussed. Among the Dec 6th releases, Kalyana Samayal Saadham is holding on well and next week on 20th, we have Dhoom 3, Biriyani and Endrendrum Punnagai making their entry to the ring. IVM will face tough competition from all these movies.

Here’s hoping that Ivan Veramathiri lives up to its name and emerges as a different flick worth rooting for.



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