Sunny Leone the curry leaf of Vadacurry?


By Abhishek Krishnan

I am very excited to announce my Tamil Debut in ‘Vadacurry’. Set to groove with Jai!!! Hope you enjoy xoxo.

Wondering who that excited debutante is? Well this message from Dhayanidhi Alagiri would probably help you get to the answer.

Just signed up the beautiful and sexy SUNNY LEONE for Vadacurry. She would be performing for a song. It’s going to be an awesome song.

Yes, it’s going to be the steaming Sunny Leone, who would step into K-Town with her dancing shoes on. It is heard that Yuvan Shankar Raja has composed a western number for the same and the song is expected to be a dream sequence.

Well, the news has kicked up the enthusiasms of many and they are as excited as Sunny, to watch her sizzle in the number. We all know that the actress is quite famous for her glam roles and that she has managed to develop a good amount of fans in India and other countries across the world.

Glam actors have always found a special place in the hearts of a large number of people in India. Disco Shanthi, Silk Smitha and Shakeela are a few actors of the yesteryears who have swept a large spectrum of fans off their feet. Silk Smitha was so well known that director Milan Luthria even went on to do a film ‘The Dirty Picture’, which is a biopic of sorts of the actor.

Apart from Sunny Leone, there are other actors like Sherlyn Chopra, Poonam Pandey and Rakhi Sawant in the tinsel world today who are also loved by numerous fans across the country.

However, it is a disappointing fact that there has always been a lot of criticism and bad talks that is being whispered around in the shadows of these glam dolls, which are often grotesque and unbearable. Unfortunately it is the women who fall prey to the random, distasteful comments, yet again, while the men who act in adult rated movies get the liberty to walk away without having the tiniest specks of dust on their whiskers.

Actress Nayanthara spoke about such baseless criticisms in an interview a few years ago.

If people cannot stand glamour, why do they have to go watch it in the first place? They know a particular heroine is meant for such roles. Why do they have to go for it in spite of knowing it? They don’t mind watching, but they want to criticize.

Nayanthara has been spot on, on what she said considering the cheesy fact that there have been instances where ‘A’ certified movies have done better than mass hero movies at the box office.

Cinema is a heterogeneous mixture of action, drama, romance, music, sentiments and glamour. There has to be someone to fill up the sections of glamour. Actors performing in glossy roles should not be treated as the curry leaves in the Indian dish, whose essence are squeezed out and placed aside, often with a grouchy face.

Let’s be broadminded and respect the actors for what they do. We congratulate Sunny Leone for being taken on board for Vadacurry and wish her a long run in Tamil Cinema.



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