Maan Karate - A charming mismatch


By Kaushik L M

The dream factory, that is Tamil cinema, keeps churning out movies by the hundreds every year and each day we have announcements of some new movie being launched. But not every movie manages to create an impact as soon as it is launched. It depends on a whole lot of factors such as the cast involved, the technicians, the banner, the first look posters, the teasers and of course the title.

Very few movies manage to get all the above factors right and such films are right up there on the list of the ‘must watch’ movies of the year. The ones involving big stars naturally have an advantage as a single person acts as the magnetic pull in attracting audiences.

A few weeks back, a movie, featuring two upcoming stars and a menacing hot villain, found its place on the ‘must watch’ list right away. This movie had most of the above mentioned factors in place and fans are already eagerly looking forward to its kick-off.

We are talking about Maan Karate, the upcoming Siva Karthikeyan, Hansika and Vidyut Jamwal starrer. It sure is one of the most interesting casting calls in recent times. A.R.Murugadoss is in charge of the story, screenplay of the movie and is also co-producing the movie along with Escape Artists Motion Pictures P.Madan. The brand value that his name carries in the Indian cinema industry is known to all and with his involvement in the movie, we can be assured of a reasonable product. Anirudh, the youth sensation is in charge of the music and his capabilities and fan following are all too well known.

The pairing of Siva Karthikeyan and Hansika is a major USP for the movie and seeing the youthful and charismatic Siva opposite the beautiful and cherubic Hansika will be a treat for audiences. It also points to the meteoric rise of Siva, as Hansika is a hotshot heroine who has already paired with the likes of Vijay, Suriya, Arya and Ravi in her fast blooming career.

Next the title Maan Karate, is one that kindles our curiosity. First heard in the movie Gemini, this term might refer to a version of Karate where the practitioner doesn’t need to be well-versed with the kicks, punches and the other moves that we associate with karate. All he needs is lots of street-smart wit, charm and a ticking brain to survive. We can visualize Siva Karthikeyan as such an enterprising character as he doesn’t fit the template of an orthodox Karate expert such as Arjun.

Pitted against him in this Maan Karate contest is the menacing and incredibly physical Vidyut Jamwal. He is an exponent of all the martial arts in real life and his prowess at stunts is all too familiar. The Hindi movie Commando was a marvelous showcase of his jaw-dropping ability at performing stunts without any wires and CG effects.

He has been seen in Billa 2 and Thuppakki, opposite the likes of big mass stars such as Ajith and Vijay, and the Tamil audiences are familiar with his physique, his cold-blooded killer looks and his screen-presence. Though he was obviously bested by Thala and Thalapathy in the above mentioned movies, no one could deny the fact that he was more than a fair match for these superstars.

Now seeing Vidyut opposite Siva Karthikeyan will be a spectacle worth looking forward to and director Thirukumaran ought to have justified the presence of these two actors in the same movie. Here are a few possible circumstances that we might see in Maan Karate. Siva and Vidyut can either be college mates vying for the same girl Hansika or Vidyut might play Hansika’s brother and pose a stiff threat to lover boy Siva. Vidyut can also be the quintessential villain in the hero’s path without being connected in any way to Hansika.

Either way you look at it, Vidyut would be the alpha male while Siva would be the underdog who has to struggle for his survival and ultimate victory. That’s why the director would have probably named his movie Maan Karate as Siva isn’t one who is expected to compete on an even keel with Vidyut in any sport. He has to resort to some sort of ‘thillalangadi’, ‘dagalti’ or ‘maan karate’ to come out trumps.

Looks like a delicious prospect on hand where sheer brute force and street smart wit would clash head on. Bring it on !!!



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