Jilla vs Veeram – Very Sad battle


By Abhishek Krishnan

Cyclones are generally named only after they are formed – some even remain unnamed because of their unanticipated arrival.Tamil Nadu was taken by storm with the release of a couple of typhoons that were probably named much before they were created, Jilla and Veeram. These windstorms were carefully nurtured and propelled out by directors Neason and Siva and had the two mass heroes Vijay and Ajith acting in them.

It is on rare occasions that two big muscled movies jostle their way into theater screens on the same day, and when they do, it is harvest time at the theaters. Coincidentally it has materialized right during the festival of harvest and the theaters happen to be exploding with over population.

Both Veeram and Jilla are reportedly doing very well in theaters and have broken records at many places as far as box office collections are concerned. The perks of such kinds of releases do not just limit themselves to box office collectionsthere can be a lot more to it. First of all, it lights up the enthusiasms of the fans, who would be exuberant about getting to watch their favorite hero on screen.

We had witnessed Ilayathalapathy Vijay express his gratitude towards his fans who woke up early in the morning at 4 AM and 5 AM to watch and celebrate the release of his movie – such is the response of the people for big releases, and when there are two big ones, the reverberation is doubled. Last Friday, 10th January, 2014, the celebrations for the two movies were at its organic peak and so were the sales of garlands and fire crackers.

However, the disappointing part of such massive celebrations is that, it might just disrupt the harmony within people. Fan fights are becoming very common these days and the so called Thala – Thalapathy fans rift has turned out to be a serious issue that demands a quick fix. Internet and social media platforms have been converted into virtual battle fields and it has become almost impossible to scroll through any social media page without spotting a random war meme.

Another little peril that is often left obscure is that smaller movies, especially the ones that are good, are either lamentably shown the exit doors of theaters or moved to smaller screens. Other producers, who have their movies ready for release, will have to put their release plans on hold as they might not get the number of screens that they intend to cover.

But with the increased number of movie releases in Tamil, producers and distributors are forced to adapt themselves to the current trend of looking to sweep away maximum collections in the opening weekend. However, if the releases of such big guns happen in two different dates, giving ample time for each other – a few smaller movies might just be allowed to run the extra mile.

Nevertheless this is something that can be sorted out easily. The absolute need of the hour is that fans celebrate cinema with harmony and not wage wars against each other.

We have witnessed Vijay wishing the Veeram team success and have also noticed other members of both Veeram and Jilla wish and support each other. The vibes among the people in the industry are always friendly and positive. Lets work together at spreading those vibes among the fans too.



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