From Jyothika to Rana


By Meera

There are stars who think twice when accepting to portray a guest appearance. Their faces contort when offered roles that feature them only in the flashback. But then there are few others who have graciously accepted these roles because they foresaw the potential in them and also knew how to turn these roles in the head to their advantage.

Take for instance, Jyothika in Vaali. She was an imaginary love interest of Ajith. The female star was Simran who had by then captured our hearts with her swaying hips and strong performances. Yet we could never forget this dream girl Swapna. She was a fantasy caricature who went on to rule the box office. If Jyothika had refused this opportunity, the loss would have been mutual.

Asin might have crossed the Vindhyas to focus on Bollywood but her sure fire Kalpana in Ghajini was what landed her there. There was Nayanthara who was slowly but surely marking her territory and Kalpana was restricted to the narration of Sanjay. Yet this meaty role transformed the fate of this doe eyed beauty.

It is not just the female co stars that have used these sequences to their merit. Think Karthik in Mouna Ragam. Even to this date there is a heated debate on whether Mohan or Karthik acquired greater fame. Madhavan has spearheaded this niche area where he acted as the slain pilot in Rang De Basanthi and as the morally right professor in Lesa Lesa.

Even veteran actors like Nassar, Lakshmi and Raghuvaran have performed these segments that have earned them high acclaim. Now Rana Daggubati joins hands with Ajith in Arrambam in a similar emotionally charged episode. Will it work wonders for this Adonis star? We will have to wait and watch.



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