Dear Superstars! Let's make Tamil cinema progressive


By Jyothsna

With great power, comes greater responsibility. When a huge populace and that too, the gen-next looks up to you as role model, frivolity in any form is not acceptable. And that’s where our Superstars, wannabe Superstars and wannabe directors of Superstars are required to exercise a lot of their wisdom in choosing their scripts, roles, dialogues and the director.

1. Avoid self propaganda !

There are quite a few factors that are within the control of our heroes to express themselves in a responsible fashion but the first one would be shunning of self propagandistic drives and over-the-top heroism. Attempting to showcase oneself as the only best thing on planet earth and beyond is the last thing one should do to be a role model. This act of self presumed intelligence is quite shallow and calls for extinction. A director in his earnest desire to please a hero, may write such scenes but it is the discretion of the star to have it or trash it.

2. Selecting the best story and the team

The utmost important responsibility of heroes towards their fans lies in choosing the right kind of script, director and the team. With so many talented directors and technicians in the industry, a right team will go a huge way in delivering quality products. The trend of story servicing the star should pave way for star servicing the story.

3. Tap into the huge ‘New age cinema’ fan base and experiment

Fortunately, Tamil cinema and its audiences are very eager to roll out a red carpet for directors who think differently and still make commercially viable movies, without them being a roll back on quality. New age experimental movies have a huge fan base which is as big as the fan base of heroes themselves. Cases in point being the success of films like Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom and Soodhu Kavvum which did not underestimate the potential of this fan group.

4. Inspiring your fans to become responsible filmmakers

If heroes can inspire even a few of their fans to watch their movie and become responsible filmmakers, there could not be a better gift to give back to the society. In a way, it would be the most fulfilling deed.

5. Atleast a dozen progressive movies.

If at all you can do at least a dozen progressive movies in your career, you will be celebrated and honored forever by fans for doing your best for Tamil cinema.

6. Please, no punch dialogues, please ! 

In the same manner, mouthing mindless punch dialogues which have started eliciting unintentional humor among the sensible audience should be absolutely abstained from, for the simple reason that they are inane. Imagine a normal life situation when we speak out such punch dialogues of our favorite idols in a group of family members or friends and no points for guessing who will be the object of ridicule there. The dialogues may reveal the prowess (!) of the script writer to play with words but are definitely an assault on senses.

7. Treating women better

Coming to the portrayal and treatment of women, let there be some amount of respect and intelligence demonstrated on screen towards the most important gender of society.

Women are sensible and sensitive and no sane woman in her right senses will ever fall a prey to the so called cupid as quick as a wink. It simply does not happen in real life and that too to an utmost wastrel. This gives wrong signals to your millions of fans.

And please say a firm NO to slapping women on screen for whatever reason, because your followers are just going to ape that act of yours in their real life because it may be considered ‘cool’ and macho.

8. Comedians and support actors shouldn’t be there to just heap praise on you. 

Comedian’s role in films is to bring the laughs out and it would be better if they and the support cast are not used to heap praises on the heroes as a part of image building exercise. Alcohol consumption and women bashing under the pretext of humor or pathos should be strictly put in exile. Same thing holds good for smoking scenes too. A bad man can be represented in any form and the director need not take umbrage under liquor or tobacco to portray an antagonist.

9. Definitely possible to make sensible commercial movies

It is definitely possible to make sensible, progressive, commercial movies that are entertaining and real. Let’s start doing that in Tamil. To quote John Quincy Adams, “If your actions inspire others to dream, do and become more, you are a leader”. And undoubtedly, we have many leaders in our tinsel town that can pull this off with a lot of heart and passion. The future does belong to them!


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