Ameer shocks the media with his evidences in the Cheran case


By Sudharshan

Few days back, Damini filed a case against her father, director/actor Cheran, alleging that he has been keeping her under house arrest for allegedly being in a relationship with Chandru, an aspiring actor and TV artiste.

Cheran on his part met the press and clarified the issue, saying he has no problem with his daughter getting married to the person she loves. But, he wanted her to choose the right one.

He had also alleged that Chandru and his family have been in extortion for a long time now and that they have his daughter threatened. Chandru and his sister, Padma while addressing the press, refuted the allegations and challenged them to prove the charges.

Ameer stepped in on behalf of Cheran and presented a section of evidence to the media yesterday, 7th August 2013, in an attempt to prove that Chandru and his family has a history in extortion.

“Padma’s original name was Radha. She changed her name to Padma and then to Gauri. But not many know that she also had another name - Fathima,” started off Ameer. He also showed a 2008 article on the illegal relationship of Fathima and Mohammed Eliaz, carried by a popular magazine. With the copies of the ration card and passport in the name of Fathima, the birth certificates of two daughters she had with Eliaz, Ameer tried to prove the illegal relationship between the two.

According to the 2008 article, an 18 year old Radha married a middle aged Mohammed Eliaz, who already had a wife and a daughter. Later, Radha and her whole family reportedly converted to Islam. “Radha changed her name to Fathima, Chandru to Abdul and their parents too changed names accordingly. Why should an entire family take up Islam for an individual?” questioned Ameer, submitting the article to the press. After Eliaz’s mysterious death, Fathima and her family apparently claimed a share of Eliaz’s possession. “Her plans turned chaotic after, Eliaz’s original wife, Sagarunisa Begum filed a complaint against Fathima,” added Ameer.

He also showed the copy of the complaint filed by Mrs Sagarunisa Begum against Padma stating that the latter has been illegally attempting to take hold of all the possessions of Mohammed Eliaz.

Ameer clarified, “My intentions are not to use my celebrity status to bring down a family. I myself have fallen in love; I have struggled to get 6 couples married and have separated two affairs myself. The two cases were similar to those of Chandru and Damini’s.”

“I initially wanted Damini and Chandru to get married. In fact Samuthirakani offered Chandru a job in his office and Rs 25,000 per month, even before meeting the boy. We were all for it and were looking to convince Cheran. But, after the background checks we came to know that the entire family has a history in extortion.”

Ameer also claims that Chandru is the main player of the family. “They target a wealthy family with two girls. Chandru, on the other hand always aims at the younger girl, because, in case he tries to victimize the elder one, there are possibilities that he might end up marrying her soon. He doesn’t want that. With the younger one as his bait, it will be easier for him to make his negotiations,” alleges Ameer.

The director also claims that Chandru had two associates, Loganathan and Prakash. “I’m mentioning this because there’s a bunch of sensitive issue involving these two and Chandru. I know the issues and I’m not revealing the details because lives of many innocent girls depend on it,” he said.

When asked if he has got any proofs substantiating his allegations, Ameer says that he has been approached by a lot of past victims of Chandru and his family. “These girls and their family were threatened by Chandru and his family. That’s why they couldn’t file a formal complaint with the Police and that is in fact the very reason why they are coming to us now to inform about his wrong doings. Just now, while I’m talking to you all, a father of another victim is talking to one of us in a different place. I’m not a detective or a cop. The victims are giving us the details because they don’t want the public to know about the tragedies that happened to them and personally, I don’t want to break their trust,” said Ameer, adding that he has submitted the evidences he received from the other victims to the Police officers.

Another startling revelation is that, Chandru apparently has another brother named Ramu. Ameer revealed, “There is so much going on here and up until now Ramu hasn’t showed himself. The reason behind this is that he himself is under the scanner for a crime he did recently. A huge dowry case has been filed against him by his ex-wife. This shows that everyone in the family has been in the business of money snatching.”

Ameer supposedly tried to explain to Damini about all the fraudulent activities Chandru had been involved in. But, he claims that she was in no position to listen to them as her boyfriend’s family had her threatened already. Ameer is now positive that he’ll be able to convince Damini, who is out of custody and is in the house of her school correspondent.

Cheran has also filed a case against Chandru for hacking into Damini’s Facebook page and posting contents in her name.

Meanwhile, Chandru has supposedly deleted all the posts he made before 2013. Ameer is trying legally to get hold of the history and believes that this information would prove Chandru’s previous affairs. On the other side he is also trying to find out how many illegal passports Padma has in her different names, considering the fact that Elaiz’s original wife had Padma’s passport blocked.

“Padma had travelled to Singapore on the 10th of February 2013. According to the information I have received, she had gone there to threaten Eliaz’s daughter, who is living in Singapore. I’m still trying to investigate if this is indeed true,” said Ameer.  

The director is also looking to file a defamation case on Padma and Chandru for their crass comments on Cheran, Damini and himself in a popular television show.

On an ending note he made an appeal to Padma, the elder sister of Chandru. He requested “Dear sister (Addressing Padma), please do not spoil your family’s reputation any further. The more you magnify this issue all your relatives will be in trouble.”



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