Actors do homework even after schooling


By Abhishek Krishnan

We have always been enthralled watching our favourite heroes play interesting characters on screen, and when we get to watch something that really pumps us up, we are obviously entertained. However entertainment for us is like a monkey on a tree. The moment we feel that a tree can bear no more fruits, we jump to another tree.

The actors of the current times are hence very keen about making sure their trees have all the fruits that it can bear. The effort they put in to live up to the expectation of their fans is simply tremendous. The key to the success of the foremost mass heroes in the Tamil industry is their fitness quotient.

The actors of today wouldn’t mind lifting a few dumbbells or running an extra mile to keep their body fit and in shape. Right from Kamal Haasan to Suriya to Bharath to Vikram have developed their own slog stories which they can be pompous about.

It is easily evident that the actors are driven by profound passion for the art and they would push themselves to their limits to rack up the demands of the characters they play. We’ve witnessed actors who have struck us by stupefaction with unbelievable appearances. Bharath’s ripped off body for Aindhu Aindhu Aindhu and Vikram’s emaciated looks for Ai are a couple of mind-boggling appearances that struck the world with awe.

Some actors have even set up trends by modifying their physical appearances. Ever since Suriya sculpted his body into neat six packs for Varanam Aayiram, the industry has been keen in involving themselves in incessant work out sessions to develop six packs for themselves too. Actors like Vishal, Simbu, Arjun and Bharath are a few such actors who have caught up with the trend.

Suriya had mentioned in a recent interview about his passion for movies and the effort he puts in for justifying the roles he plays.

I am passionate about the art. It is indeed difficult to undergo heavy workout sessions. But it is the response from the audience and their love that keeps me going. They’ve supported me right from my first film and helped me grow as an actor.

It is not only the outer skin that actors look to mould. They also lay emphasis on etching out the emotional quotient and work on consummating certain interesting nuances required for their roles.

Who would forget Kamal Haasan’s ten faced appearance in Dasavatharam. The legend acted in ten different roles that he chiseled out to perfection. When Kamal was asked about the effort he had to put in to pull out a movie such as Dasavatharam that has ten different characters and mannerisms, he said

The very first test for the makeup took 25 days. That’s what we call a schedule in films. To achieve the characters took almost as long as it took to make the film. I was getting into the character even after the shooting started. Everybody around me did not know what I was going to do. But the characters that were put on paper just led me on. I was an obedient tourist and I had a guide which was the character itself.

Actors Vishal, Vikram and Shaam have noteworthy appearances to their credit too. The common factor that these three actors share is that they have given considerable torture to their eyes that popped the eyes out of many. Vishal played a squint eyed character in Avan Ivan which is a difficult role to play. Vishal mentioned in interviews that he had relentless headaches during the shoots and that he had to go through a lot of suffering. Vikram played a blind man in Kasi which was also an award winning performance. Shaam has buffed up eye bags in his upcoming movie, 6 candles. It is said that Shaam purposefully deprived himself from sleep in order to swell up his under eyes.

Every actor has put up his own share of effort to entertain the audience and thus remain in business. It is the claps and whistles of the audience that kick up their vigor and drive them towards the milestone they look at conquering.



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