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By Abhishek Krishnan

"ஹாய் மாலினி, ஐ எம் க்ருஷ்ணன், நான் இதை சொல்லியே ஆகணும், நீ அவ்வளவு அழகு"

Hi Malini, I am Krishnan. Naan idhai solliye aaganum. Nee avlo azhagu.

There were a lot of ‘ooooohs’ and ‘aaaaahs’ in the cinema hall when Suriya delivered these lines with charismatic perfection making everyone fall head over heels the whole nine yards.  But hey, we’re talking about the ladies here. Now, here’s one for the non-ladies.

"சிங்கத்தை ஃபோட்டோல பார்த்திருப்பே, டிவில பார்த்திருப்பே..."

Singatha photo’la paathiruppae, TV’la paathiruppae

Well, this power packed, nerve revealing dialogue from Singam did make some of the gentlemen knock the person beside them off with their fist that would have probably weighed a good one and a half tons that moment.

The fact that has to be noted here is that the actor puts in so much effort in his lines, that the impact it brings out is stupendous.

Although he was the son of a great actor like Sivakumar, Suriya was not exposed to cinema and had apparently never visited the movie sets as a child. The actor had recalled his childhood memories in a recent interview where he mentioned that he had an inferiority complex as a child and was shy to speak.

"I got an offer from a neighbor, who was a director who told me he would also convince my dad, but I knew, given my looks and height, I could not be an actor and went on to do my graduation in Commerce. Being in Loyola College exposed me to other options and gave me confidence, apart from the freedom to bunk classes. I became a merchandiser and then a garment manufacturer and interacting with foreign buyers and manufacturing foreign brands in India, gave me a high."

Director Vasanth definitely has to run away with all the credits of finding the actor in Suriya (who was Saravanan back then) and casting him in his film. Surprisingly, the actor has managed to cling on to the fame the movie brought him and capitalize on it.

His phenomenal transformation from the timid young man in the “Nerukku Ner” days to a power packed mass hero, does deserve a standing ovation considering the extra hard work he has put in to get to where he is now. Right from a subtle, romantic person to a strait-laced cop, unconditional of whether he is set in an urban locale or a rustic backdrop, Suriya has set his standards as an actor.

Let’s not forget that Suriya was the one who cut the ribbons of the ‘six pack trend’ in Tamil films although there were a few other actors who had revealed their embossed stomach muscles much before he did.

We were happy to get in touch with the actor himself recently and used the opportunity to ask him how he manages to put in so much effort.

It’s definitely not easy” He said.

I am 38. I’ve got to fight with my body to remodel my physique for each character. Directors easily ask us to transform ourselves into a 20 year old. We have to starve and hit the gym even when we are on a family holiday. But when we stand by the other end of all the hard work and listen to the applause that it brings in, we forget the pain we underwent. We are all addicted to claps and whistles.

Apart from his hard earned physique, Suriya also has a whole lot of notable performance oriented movies to his credit. Who would forget Chinna (Perazhagan), Sanjay Ramasamy (Ghajini), Sakthi (Pithamagan), Nandha (Nandha), Krishnan (Varanam Aayiram) and Durai Singam (Singam), to name a few. These names are definitely the stand out characters in Suriya's career and it is certain that the actor will continue to explore other interesting characters too in the future.

Suriya is also apparently one of the few South Indian actors who has a strong fan base in North India too even though he has not made too many appearances in Hindi movies.

After Singam 2, Suriya is all set to act in director Lingusamy's upcoming project that is apparently kicking off today (20th November). Considering the commercial credibility of Lingusamy and the mass that Suriya has, the movie is definitely expected to hit the screens with a definite stomp. 


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