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By Prathap

It might not qualify for a punch dialogue (after all dialogue needs two people to qualify as dialogue) but these few words, uttered by our lead men have made them super popular. These are expressions, often heard being used in real lives, but once they are picked up our movie stars their stature in our dictionary skyrockets. Here are a few.

Yes, we did know that catchphrase from its original, but when Vijay says 'all is well' and breaks it down in simple sentences for you, you tend to think that phrase deserves to be used more often.

Perhaps Superstar Rajini is the one who contributed to the popularity of two such words in the recent past. He said 'cool' in Sivaji and 'dot' in Endhiran, giving both these words a kind of cult status.

In Mankatha, when Ajith uttered 'I am impressed', we were impressed too. Not by that catchphrase but by the intensity it was picked up by his followers!

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