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By Kaushik.L.M

Cinema being the show business, there is always something out of the ordinary associated with it. Actors who are a part of the industry also look to standout of the crowd by choosing catchy names. We have many instances of actors changing their names altogether to make them more ‘cinema-friendly’. We also have quite a few examples of actors adding a nice prefix to their names and these prefixes actually turn out to be the respective actors’ USPs.

In this article, we investigate such prefix actors who attract a fair share of chuckle thanks to their name as well as their performances. Most of these prefix actors have turned out to be comedians thereby adding an extra humor factor to their personalities. We aren’t considering actors who have attached their first film’s names like ‘Jayam’ Ravi, ‘Nizhalgal’ Ravi and ‘Poovilangu’ Mohan. 

A recent prominent name in the industry is ‘Parotta’ Suri thanks to his performances in movies like Sundarapandian and Paagan. We all know why Parotta was added to his name thanks to that cult comedy scene in Vennila Kabbadi Kuzhu in which he gleefully gulps ‘parottas’ back to back.

Comedians of yore like ‘Gundu’ Kalyanam and ‘Omakuchi’ Narasimhan had these prefixes due to their obvious physical traits. In their cases, these tags got attached to their names by default, one believes. ‘Loosu’ Mohan, who recently passed away, is another example of a comedian who had a very apt tag prior to his name. Such was his wild act in many films. Talking of Mohan, we can’t forget the craziest of them all, ‘Crazy’ Mohan. His wit, speed and wordplay can be matched only by few. Many legendary Kamal movies owe their cult status to this individual.

Fans also fondly remember another Mohan, a popular hero in his heyday, as ‘Mike’ Mohan thanks to the numerous songs in which he wields the mike to mellifluous Ilaiyaraja music and to SPB’s voice.

We also have some imaginative names like ‘Crane’ Manohar and ‘Scissor’ Manohar, who have acted in quite a few movies since the turn of the new millennium as comedians and side-kicks.

Karuppu was another such actor who was introduced by director Bala in his magnum-opus Pithamagan as a person who works in the ganja plantations. From that day till date he has been known as ‘Ganja’ Karuppu. He even plans to go to Bollywood with the Ganja prefix but as ‘Ganja’ Khan.

We have two Srinivasans too in the list, the vegetable guys, Thakkali (tomato) and Thenga (coconut). Maybe they were from a family which was into the vegetable business. Talking of Srinivasan, how can we forget the omnipresent and omnipotent Powerstar, who has the most powerful prefix in town.

The late ‘Kaaka’ Radhakrishnan and ‘Kaathadi’ Ramamurthy are also quite prominent for having provided some healthy laughs over the years. Among the new boys in the industry ‘Pakoda’ Pandian and ‘Black’ Pandi come to mind.

While there are so many comedians in this prefix list, action choreographers and stuntmen are also no less when it comes to adding aggressive and action packed prefixes to their names. Rambo, Anal, Jaguar, Super, Stun and Stunt – such prefixes serve as the identities for these acclaimed stunt men. One must say, the purpose is served for sure.

If there are more such prefix actors, do let us know through your comments.

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