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Aaranya Kaandam


By Kaushik.L.M

Music is an integral part of films, be it international movies or our own Indian movies. But, what is termed as music here and there is vastly different.

While English and other foreign language movies treat music as a strong background element and have song and dance routines very rarely, our desi films trump for songs and dances in film after film. Background music is a part of our films as well but the importance given to commercial exploitation of background music scores is very very sparse.

We do have a few theme music bits appearing in some music albums of our films but we have never seen an album dedicated to the OST (Original Sound Track) of an Indian film, unlike Hollywood films where the OST scores of Ennio Morricone, Hans Zimmer, James Horner and Clint Mansell to name a few, are strong collectors’ items among movie buffs. The OST of The Dark Knight movies have their own cult following.

Some of our Tamil films have excellent BGM scores. Recently Yuvan in particular has done terrific RR (re-recording) for movies like Katradhu Thamizh, Billa, Mankatha, 7G, Kaadhal Konden, Raam, Pudhupettai and the recent Aaranya Kaandam, to just name a few.

The famous theme music bits of Billa and Mankatha found a place in the music albums as well and also in the ringtone lists of the mobile operators. But, anyone who has seen the above mentioned films of Yuvan would aver that these films had terrific BGM scores fit enough to be released as a separate OST album.

The music albums of Pudhupettai and the recent Mugamoodi have been peppered by many good theme music bits. But these are more the exceptions than the norm. Pudhupettai’s BGM score in fact had many more gems in addition to the themes in the music album. There were rumors that the OST of Aaranya Kaandam would be released officially but there has been no action in that regard.

Hardcore fans of the composer do manage to record these BGM bits from all these films and share it online. The quality is not any great though. But, if these tracks are released officially in good quality with catchy track names, am sure there are people who would be ready to pay money and buy them.

Not only Yuvan, masters Ilayaraja, Rahman and other current day hotshots like Harris (in movies like Kaakha Kaakha, Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu, Vaaranam Aayiram to name a few) and G.V.Prakash (in movies like Mayakkam Enna, Aadukalam and Deivathirumagal) have also dazzled with their RR in various movies. Isaignani is a cult in this area. Just imagine if someone had the foresight to release the BGM scores of Ilayaraja or Rahman as a separate OST album. Fans would lap it up. Same with the other composers and their fans.

All it takes is some initiative from some of the big audio labels in the industry. In their quest to present new albums, they can definitely look to offer OSTs of some of the best films to the audience who are always looking for quality entertainment.

There would be two music launches for every film. One (the songs release) prior to the film’s release and the other (the OST release) post the film’s release. This is assuming the composer has come up with an outstanding BGM score for the movie.

A sub-revenue stream would open up for the music industry.

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