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By Kaushik.L.M

The 3D version of Sivaji – The Boss, was presented before the media yesterday during the trailer launch. On the evidence of the trailer, we can safely say that Sivaji in 3D is going to be a bigger and grander spectacle than the 2D Sivaji which wowed the audiences in 2007.

The major highlight of Sivaji was Thotta Tharani’s extra-ordinary sets be it the palace set for ‘Vaaji’ or the glass house for ‘Sahana’. The beauty and magnificence of these sets would be doubled when seen in 3D. Thotta must be pleased by this 3D conversion even more, as the masses can get to see the entire beauty of his sets now.

The action packed Adhiradi song when we saw cars and bullets flying all over the screen, would be just that more special when seen in 3D. Expect a lot of oohs and aahs in the crowd.

Same with the gimmicks that Superstar did with the apple and the coin toss. The 3D trailer itself positioned these very well.

In the same way, K.V.Anand’s cinematography was blockbuster material and a 3D viewing would make it even more larger-than-life. The stunts in the drive-in theater and the climax fight when Motta Boss goes on a rampage flying from corner to corner are very much 3D friendly.

Given the fact that the movie’s length has been reduced to 137 minutes, some comedy scenes and dialog based scenes might have been chopped off. More importance to action and grandeur would have been the motto behind this 3D presentation.

A.R.Rahman’s musical score won’t be augmented as such by the 3D but the mass BGM score and lovely songs would be enhanced even more by the 3D visuals.

This pioneering effort helmed by AVM and Prasad labs is truly praiseworthy. So much effort has gone in thanks to so many technicians who worked in shifts to ensure this final output.

The producers are making sure that none of the Hollywood 3D extravaganzas release around their movie. In that way, a solo release would be guaranteed. When this 3D spectacle releases around September, one can expect the magic to be repeated again.

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