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By Kaushik.L.M

In their quest to make sure that their films make the right noise among the audiences, filmmakers resort to a number of time-tested measures to this effect. Every filmmaker would agree that the first and foremost step would be to choose a good title for the movie. Once this is done, the buzz is created and audiences look forward to the plot of the movie based on the title and its meaning.

Since all movies can’t have big stars, a title with a nice ring to it makes even a small film generate some buzz. Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi was one such medium level movie which generated fair amount of buzz thanks to the title which sent out exactly what audiences could expect out of this Siddharth-Amala Paul flick. Madhubana Kadai and Dhoni were other such movies with explicit titles which exactly educated the audiences on what to expect from the movie.

Some directors also go the extra mile and make sure that their titles are presented in a catchy format with intuitive logo designs and taglines to boot. In 2012 itself, we have so many films with excellent logo designs that present the title in a highly imaginative way and up the expectation meter even more.

Three small films stood out particularly; Madhubana Kadai - the title was presented in the form of a TASMAC shop’s board replete with a warning message and registration number, Paagan – the title was beautifully depicted in the form of a cycle as the movie revolves around this humble two-wheeler and Attakathi – the title has a knife piercing the heart.

All the above said movies had their moments and stood out from the crowd. Their title design must have also played a small part, one feels.

While we have such small films on one hand, even biggies have been pushing the limits when it comes to the title design. Maattrraan, Billa and Thuppakki are perfect cases in point.

The Suriya starrer about conjoined twins has a terrific logo design where the two‘t’s in the title have been joined together through a small face, thereby perfectly communicating the movie’s theme through the title. Among the highpoints of the teaser that was released, was the final moment when this title flashes on the screen along with the Rettai Kadhire track in the background.  

Billa’s logo design was done using some sort of a tribal art and the way this design has been accepted by the general public is well known. Even politicians’ names in banners and hoardings are designed in the Billa way.

In the same way, the Vijay starrer about a dashing cop has its title (which translates to gun) in the form of a gun complete with a trigger. Highly indigenous one must say. This title design must have pleased even a lay cinema goer as it can’t get more explicit than this. We just hope that the title stays as the ongoing tussle over this title seems to be never ending.

One can expect more such imagination and thought in the coming years as well, as movie making has escalated into a serious business with professionalism running through every level. More eye-catching logo designs and interesting fonts would be the order of the day.

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