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By Jyothsna

“Man is a social animal”, said Aristotle. The primary function of the society is to protect its mates and to help them out. In simple words, it is mandatory that the ‘have’s in the society should help the ‘have not’s. Although there are numerous organizations that help the needy, we have many socially responsible members from the film sorority who take it upon themselves to make this planet a better place in more than one ways.

Let us swivel the arc lights on to their direction but this time for a totally different reason. After all it is important to showcase people who give so much to the society as they are inspiring to many in the population.

Kamal Haasan is one actor who converted his fan clubs into welfare organizations (Narpani Mandram) which is involved in blood donation camps and other charitable activities that include handling out aids to differently-abled and the needy. Kamal Haasan is also involved in the activities of an NGO called Petralthan Pillaya which is associated with services to the HIV affected people.

Madhavan endorses vegetarianism and is also the brand PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals). To promote his cause, he has appeared in many commercials without charging.  Maddy on behalf of PETA raised his voice vociferously against an US based chicken eatery to stop mistreatment of birds and animals.

Madhavan also actively participates in the activities of the Chennai based ‘The Banyan’ which makes a positive difference in the lives of destitute women. Not only him, but many members of film industry like director Mani Ratnam, Suhasini, Vikram, Shriya Saran, Simbu and others have always participated in activities to help Banyan in their noble deeds.

Servicing just the human beings alone will not suffice when we have animals also as our co-habitants. That’s why Trisha has taken up big time to support the causes of stray animals especially dogs and cats. She has been very vocal about this cause and as someone who practices what she preaches she has also adopted stray animals and has been tending to them very dearly. Trisha had recently launched a calendar to spread awareness about cancer.

Anuja Iyer is another socially responsible actress who does her bit for stray animals and is deep into activities to find proper homes for such animals.

Priya Anand of 180 fame is an active member of PETA and she is focusing her attention on caged birds right now.

Cheeyan Vikram is the brand ambassador for Sanjeevani Trust and Vidya Sudha a school for special children. He also delivers his bit to the society through his own Vikram foundation.

It’s just not about humans and animals but also about the very environment that we belong. Global warming which was far away somewhere has already knocked at our door and if we don’t wake up to its call, Armageddon is not far away. Realizing this, Vivek is part of a project called Green Kalam which has already planted around 10 lakh saplings all over Tamil Nadu as per the initiative of our former President Dr A P J Abdul Kalam. Planting of saplings is one way of trying to have the ecological balance in order that has been toppled by humanity over a period of time.

And when it comes to social services, Sivakumar’s family would always be at the front delivering the goods with sincerity. The entire family of Sivakumar, Suriya, Karthi and Jyothika are involved in their Agaram Foundation that motivates financially weaker but intellectually bright students to pursue their dreams.

Karthi is also a brand ambassador for promoting awareness of lysosomal storage disease. He has adopted a white tiger at Vandalur zoo and donates liberally for its maintenance. Suriya is an active member of Tanker foundation and is in to “Save the tigers’ campaign and through ‘Reach’, he spreads awareness about TB.

Shriya Saran, the lady with the dangerous curves, is running a spa at Mumbai which is being run by visually challenged people. Through this act of hers Shriya has certainly helped these marginalized people gain confidence in a big way. 

Of course there are umpteen other artists who are doing their bit to the society demonstrating that film artists are not only beautiful from outside but are equally good from inside too. And with their tremendous fan following and the power that they wield upon their followers, they can certainly bring upon an appreciable change in the mindset of the audience which goes a long way in the betterment of the society.

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