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By Kaushik.L.M

It is literally Neethane En Ponvasantham mania all over. The songs have struck the perfect chord with almost every cine-goer. The legions of Raja fans are as enthusiastic as ever as their king is back with a bang. Any negative feedback that they happen to see is taken as a huge insult to the very concept of music itself.

Just a glance at the comments in NEP’s music box in YouTube will give you an idea of the reception that the album has garnered. Not to mention the bevy of positive feedback in Twitter with the relevant hash tags. Facebook is a similar story as fans have taken to this album like a fish to water.

Whether this is Raja’s best isn’t worth debating as this legend is capable of such stuff even after so many years of delivering legendary soundtracks. At the age of 69, and after composing more than 4500 songs in an active career spanning more than 30 years, you just feel that his music is timeless. And youngsters even today are so passionate about this genius who has spanned so many generations.

Raja Senior finished the entire discussion for NEP’s music (8 songs) in a span of three days it seems. Gautham even said that the legend might have delivered all the songs in a single day itself.

Of late Raja isn’t working with the crème de la crème of directors but with Gautham he got the perfect platform to soar and the result is for all to see.

A diehard Raja fanatic, Rajasekar says, “All the songs from NEP have the typical Raja stamp be it his characteristic orchestration or his ease at western music. The symphony in the Saayndhu Saayndhu number will give you goose-bumps for sure.”

Now, the expectations for NEP have shot up to dizzying levels. The fans consider the beautifully cut trailer as another delightful piece of work. They are excited about the thought of seeing an uninhibited Gautham Menon romance fest accompanied by Raja’s background score. All of Gautham’s movies have had good BGM scores till now and with the master of background scores at work, things ought to get better.

For some others, it’s the star cast that pumps the expectation meter. The pair on screen, Jiiva and Samantha, looks truly authentic as the naive school-goers and later the youthful college pair. Things are perfectly in place for a memorable romance to unfold on screen, they claim.

Finally, the general consensus about NEP among movie lovers is, “We have the master of modern-day romances; we have the timeless master of music, two happening young stars to enact the director’s vision and the current comedy king to spice up things more.”

All eyes are on the release date announcement now.

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