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Good Night Good Morning


By Arun

A critic is someone who knows the way but cannot drive the car! That’s what the general perception about a film critic is. But, there are the rare few who can double up as critics as well as film makers; in their own way, that is. Really, hats off to Sudhish Kamat for being one of that rare breed, who is not just an armchair critic. He knows the way and can drive the car as well.

He might not qualify as a film maker in the strictly commercial sense of the industry. But, he makes films all the same and even managed to get them theatrically released. It takes quite some courage to unleash sometimes scathing (but always honest) evaluations of big movies and then come out with your own movie later. You will know only too well that people will be waiting with their daggers drawn out, for some good old fashioned revenge. But, when a person seems to be making films on his own terms, in a way that the industry hardly ever imagines, then you can also be sure that he doesn’t care much about backlashes.

And to his credit, his new movie Good Night Good Morning has received unanimous positive responses from all over. It is not easy to be a critic for a long period and then do movies, without attracting hostility. One remembers the case of Khalid Mohammed; a very strong critic for very long, got some of his own medicine back quite a few times, especially when he made movies of his own. Looking at such instances, the respect that Good Night Good Morning has drawn speaks a lot about the respect that its maker has in all circles.

But, this is not an ode to Sudhish Kamat. But, it is about the exploration of independent film making as a plausible venture. There are quite a few independent film makers in our country; some of them who make films that leave a big mark. The problem with being an independent film maker is that, once you make a film that is even moderately successful then you are no longer identified as independent!  It is like not being considered an amateur once you win a major event.

That apart, the presence of a name like Sudhish Kamat in the independent film circuit helps the medium and its possibilities reach more people than it would normally do. Maybe, the success of a small venture like Good Night Good Morning, might do to cinema, what blogging did to journalism. Well, it might look like an overstatement at present. But, the presence of a person like Sudhish Kamat on the circuit will definitely evince more interest in the possibilities of the medium; especially amongst those who want to take to cinema as a serious hobby, not a profession. Of course, we also know that he has been around in independent cinema for 5 years now, but the coverage that the media has afforded Good Night Good Morning is definitely encouraging and should make a lot of people realize that cinema need not always be powered by crores.

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