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poda podu thuppakki


By Kaushik.L.M

Diwali day is synonymous with new film releases featuring big stars. Movie lovers finish their early morning rituals at home, eat some mouth-watering delicacies and rush to the nearest theater to catch their favorite stars in action on Diwali day along with their family and friends.

This year, we had Vijay’s Thuppakki, STR’s Podaa Podi and Thankar Bachan’s Ammavin Kaipesi fighting for the share of the audience’s attention.

But, given the mad rush for tickets and the large fan bases that most of these big stars command, it becomes tough for everyone to get a new release’s ticket on Diwali day. This is where the good old ‘idiot box’ comes to the rescue as year after year popular Tamil General Entertainment Channels (GECs) telecast the latest and biggest blockbusters all through the day.

This year too, the action on the small screen was inviting to say the least. The biggest of the movie premiers was Ajith’s 2011 blockbuster Mankatha. Other super hit movies that were broadcasted on the ‘telly’ were Paiyya, Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya, Nanban, Vettai and Pokkiri to name a few.

Sitting with family, friends before the TV with a big plate of snacks and seeing these movies is a healthy alternative option for most. The never ending stream of commercials during the countless ad breaks is a necessary and indispensable evil, though. But, the power that the TV remote gives the viewer, when so many happening movies are premiered all through the day in the various channels, is immense.

Not just Diwali, even other major festivals like Pongal see a bevy of new big star releases in theaters as well as movie premieres on the television. The common man has to decide whether to brave the mad first day rush and go to theaters for the new release or sit back at home and see the ‘not so old’ movies on the telly. Either way, he doesn’t have much to complain as the entertainment that is offered is good enough.

In 2012, if it was Vijay and STR on the big screen for Diwali, we had Vijay, Ajith and a whole bunch of other stars fighting it out on the small screen. This story looks set to be repeated in the years to come too as films continue to dominate the imagination of the audience whether on the big 70 mm screen or on the portable television sets.

As Vidya Balan says in the movie ‘The Dirty Picture’, it’s all about entertainment, entertainment and more entertainment. Just the medium, the size of the screen and the packaging differ.

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