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By Kaushik.L.M

With Billa 2 all set to release tomorrow, we present you few interesting trivia from the movie.

The action scenes that were filmed in Georgia were completed braving sub zero temperatures of -5 degree Celsius. The budget for the Georgian leg of the shooting is rumored to be around half a million USD. Billa 2 is also the first movie to be shot in Georgia.

Billa 2 is also the first movie to be shot at the Likani palace in Georgia. This palace is the summer retreat of the Georgian president 

Since Billa 2 is a prequel, director Chakri did not go for latest model costumes and glares for the actors and actresses. He preferred glasses, costumes that were used around the year 2000.

While shooting in Georgia, a group of 20 to 25 Tamil students consistently followed the Billa 2 team wherever they went, just to catch the cast and crew in action. Overwhelmed by this, on the last day of the shoot, Ajith invited them over to his hotel lobby to spend some quality time with them. Needless to say, these students were thrilled to bits. 

Billa 2 is the first Indian film to release in 13 French cities. It is also the first Tamil film to release in Belgium. Even war-torn Jaffna in Silence will see Billa 2 in 4 theaters. 

Billa 2 is opening in 60 screens across the US and there are many more being added to match the buzz. This is next to Endhiran which released in over 85 screens.

The teaser and theatrical trailer of Billa 2 have garnered record hits in YouTube. Such stats haven't been achieved by any Tamil film prior to this. On latest count, the 1 min 9 secs teaser that was released 2 months ago, has close to 2.4 million hits and the 1 min 50 secs theatrical trailer that was released a week ago, is fast nearing 1 million hits.  

Web and mobile games have been developed based on Billa 2. This is the first time that gaming has been used in a big way for a Tamil film.

Yuvan Shankar Raja is doing music for an Ajith film for the 5th time. He is also doing a cameo in the Gangster song. He had earlier done a cameo in Saroja too, but this is his first cameo in an Ajith film.

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