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Review by : Harish Venkataraman

Starring: Shahid Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor
Direction: Pankaj Kapoor
Music: Pritam
Production: Sheetal Vinod, Talwar Sunil Lulla

One of the greatest actors in India, Pankaj Kapur's directorial debut features his star son, Shahid Kapur and Sonam Kapoor in the lead.  There are arty love stories, there are commercial love stories then comes the new segment which boasts of mega hits like Vivah, Veer Zara and few others, which might not have been critically well received but the paying public have lapped it up but the same also have given duds like 'What's your Raashee?' Mausam does fall under the same cadre but can it taste success? We will have to see it.  

Mausam is about a love which gets affected not by ego, religion, family spat or the usual but by many external factors like fate, war, revenge, terrorism, communal riots etc. Amidst all these hurdles can love survive? Well, you have to see it for yourself. 

Mausam is a brilliant idea on paper. Talented actors, exceptional dialogues and a very cute first half even though it is slow paced but when you come out of the theaters you just feel that it's a great opportunity gone waste. Everyone loves their first film and 60 odd Pankaj Kapoor wouldn't be an exception but it seems as though he didn't allow the editor to edit any scene. The movie looks way longer than its running time which is a bad sign for the film. The scene in which Sonam Kapoor says 'I didn't want to marry him because I don't want to get settled in America', immediately Shahid asks, 'where do you want to go then?' Sonam replies,'where do you want to take me' makes your heart stop and brings a smile. Just like when Sonam sings 'Abhi na Jao chod kar' to Shahid but such great oasis comes in-between miles and miles of baron land. The Second half is stretched way too much and half baked and to add to that, the extremely unbelievable climax spoils the fun. In the entire film the actors seem to be posing for a calender shoot and all the shots are taken in such a way where the person is still and the camera slowly zooms in or out with a beautiful looking background. The action sequence where Shahid is in his jet - fighting, has been showcased badly with bad animation which just doesn't have the punch which is needed. And a small question to all of you before I wrap up; what will you do when you find a small child crying in front of its dead mother? Will you adopt it or go search for its family? 

Shahid is exceptional, this seems to be the perfect stage to show his acting talent and Shahid doesn't disappoint. He overacts a bit but is still lovable as the innocent young Harry, he looks great and exudes confidence as the Air Force pilot Harry.  Sonam Kapoor looks great and has acted very well except for the emotional sequences; she is yet to get her cry right and being an Indian actress you need to know how to cry for sure. Aditi Sharma impresses and looks great too. Supriya Pathak is always special and she is no different in her husband's directorial debut either. Anupam Kher does a special appearance. Manoj Pahwa is cute in his role. The rest of the crew also impresses. 

The real heroes of the movie are cinematographer Binod Pradan and the art director who have worked vigorously to paint every single frame. Music by Pritam, elevates the movie with few soulful numbers - especially 'Rabba Main Toh Mar Gaya', but the BG falls flat most of the time. Editing by Sreekar Prasad is one of the main reasons for the movie to not work, if only he was a little stricter. Choreography by Ahmed Khan impresses and the lyrics written by Irshad is a delight to hear. 

Overall the movie is sweet but the length and the unimpressive second half have ruined Pankaj Kapur's first outing. 

Verdict: A over-stretched socio-romantic saga!

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