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Starring: Nithin Sathya, Karthika, Sanjeev, Chams, Sathyan, Abhinay.
Direction: S Thayalan
Music: EK. Bobby
Production: Maruthi Films
There are classics and there are sloppy remakes of classics. Paalaivana Cholai borrows its name from the seventies cult classic and is also an adaptation of the Chandrasekar – Suhasini starrer. Although it largely sticks to the plot of its predecessor and remains loyal to the original, the movie falters to adapt itself to the current state of affairs. After all, in today’s world of speed dating, a dying heroine who hooks up the hero with another girl hardly makes for good viewing.

Nithin Sathya, Abhinay, Sanjeev, Sathyan and Chams are a bunch of friends of which Abhinay nurtures the dream of an actor. The rest of them are happy go lucky with jobs and other pastime avocations to suit their interests. Enter Karthika, a cheerful young girl with a dark secret, who befriends the group of friends; the friends fall over each other to get her attention, secretly yearning for her love.

Karthika, owing to the gloomy secret, refrains herself from the friends, carefully falling only for Nithin Sathya. But the inevitable must happen and it does. The seemingly blithe lives of the friends shatter leaving with them an indelible mark to be reminisced for the rest of their lives.

The success of the older version comes from capturing the
  Palaivana Cholai
subtle emotions and presenting the raw humor of a bunch of waywardly, jobless young men with no specific ambition in life. But since joblessness itself is no longer relevant these days, the director has tweaked the storyline a bit. Had he done the same to the character of the heroine with-a-hole-in-the-heart and managed to place a lesser melodramatic cause for the tragedy, the movie could have been a bearable experience.

Abhinay, Karthika and Nithin Sathya score reasonably in the acting department, and strictly in that order. The rest of the cast is largely passé.

Paalaivana Cholai heaves at a snail’s pace with cinematographer S Murthy’s fixation for fixed-frames and jarring close up shots. The effect is more of that of a sitcom rather than a feature film. Add to it E K Bobby’s music that refurbished the famous ‘Megame’ song that comes across as strictly unremarkable, you get a recipe for siesta-inducing Paalaivana Cholai.

Verdict: Deserted Dreams

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