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Review by : Harish Venkataraman

Starring: Sachiin J Joshi, Candice Boucher
Direction: Prashant Chadha
Music: Salim-Sulaiman
Production: M. R. Shahjahan

For a newcomer, aazaan is a high-budgeted movie and no compromises have been made in the marketing department which has indeed worked well as it was almost full house at the theaters. And it is the second movie from Aap Ka Surror director Prashant Chadha. Has the movie lived up to its hype? It had all the ingredients to become India's answer to the Bourne series but it just falls way short.
The movie is about a RAW (India's Research and Analysis Wing) field agent, aazaan Khan (Sachiin Joshi), an undercover agent on the trail of a Terrorist named Doctor (Sajid Hussain) who is all set to attack India with a deadly virus that can wipe out the entire country within a matter of months. The mentally disturbed aaazaan Khan is the only man who can save the country. Can he? Yes! But how? Well, that you should check out in the theatre.

After you come out of the theatre you are as dazed and confused as the screenplay writer of the movie. The movie has several well-thought of scenes but in the name of rapid cuts and fast screenplay, the movie just goes on a hyper speed only to slow down drastically in the second half and slowly limp its way to its finale. When the movie got a bit interesting by the intermission we expect an adrenaline pumping second half and we are offered romance and that too with two back-to-back songs – and you just lose patience. The Prime Minister of India is shown a video where it shows how the virus attack will spread and within 24 to 30 days entire India will be wiped out, and then the President asks, “Whats the worst case scenario?” - You expect more intelligent writing than this. Director Prashant - as like his first movie, shows immense promise but is unable to carry the movie safely the entire distance. Even the timeline has not been maintained properly.

Sachin Joshi, an entrepreneur-turned-actor-producer shows little to no emotions as an actor but shows off his six-pack and action skills. Candice Boucher looks fresh and confident but need to work on both her acting and dancing skills if she wants to make acting her career. Aarya Babbar is good, so is Dailp Tahil. The rest of the cast has little to do and they don’t impress. Ravi Kissen is wasted in a badly written character.

The movie boasts of spectacular production value and is technically superior in production. Cinematography by Axel Fischer is exceptional; every single frame tells a story. Action sequences are perfectly pictured. Editing by Amitabh Shukla and Humphrey Dixon is good. Dialogues were effective in places. Music directors Salim-Sulaiman have made a memorable album and it is very effective with the visuals especially 'Afreen', 'Bismillah' and 'Khuda Ke Liye'. Art direction has been skillfully done as well.

Overall, an espionage thriller which promised a lot, but couldn't do complete justice. The filmmakers did take us to almost all parts of the world and there were some spectacularly shot action sequences but that’s about it.

Verdict: Action film that lacked the Punch!!

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