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Starring: : Sundar C, Sathyaraj, Hemamalini.
Direction: Shakthi Chidambaram
Music: Dheena
Production: Radha Sakthi Chidambaram
There are certain features in the Tamil film industry which time or tide cannot ravage. One such element is the combination of Sathyaraj and Sakthi Chidambaram and their genre of film. This time around, their teamwork has an accompaniment in the form of Sundar C in Guru Sishyan produced and directed by Sakthi Chidambaram.

Kollywood provides a wide range of spectrum for many people to function and Sathyaraj occupies an ever green slot here. Guru Sishyan has Sathyaraj’s satirical comedy which starts right at the beginning of the film. Ever since the infamous episodes of Nithyananda hit the airs, the godman has been providing enough fodder for everybody to crack jokes at his expense. And Sathyaraj being Sathyaraj has not left a single chance to lampoon Nithyananda.

Sathyaraj comes to an ashram to collect the dues from a godman but the latter is unable to pay due
  Guru Sishyan
to his dull business. Sharp comes the retort from Sathyaraj who says “Kadavai Saathu Kamala Varattum” and directs the godman to involve in flesh trade and money starts showering upon him. By now, it is an easy guess for anybody about the film.

Sathyaraj works for a minister and does all his jobs. Sundar C joins him as an errand boy and slowly wins his confidence. Saranya Ponvannan comes to lease a cracker factory but Sathyaraj snatches the deal from her, buys it but sets the same on fire. He seems to be crossing path with her in every possible way and the reason for this is revealed in a flashback. Sathyaraj and Saranya were husband and wife but split after Sathyaraj’s sister dies and Saranya is blamed for the death. Sundar C tries to unite the estranged couple. Who is Sundar C, why he joins Sathyaraj and who is responsible for Sathyaraj’s sister’s death? Rest of GS deals with the answers for these questions.

The storyline is nothing new and it rides on a very predictable path. Santhanam and Aarthi provide the comic relief, oops, sorry, headache! Santhanam’s double entendres are highly repulsive and lady audiences were seen walking out of the theatre. (this is just after an hour of the film). Santhanam’s masquerade as a woman is outright vulgar and disgusting. Sundar C has a screen partner Hemamalini and the reason for her presence may not be known even to director.

Music is by Dhina and he adheres to his style. The numbers Kadara kadara kaadalithen and the remix of Vaangonna (Badrakali of yester year fame) are typically the midnight masala types. Wonder what the director had against such old time hits to completely distort it. Kiran appears in just this number and it is just a cheap taste personified all over. Hope the television channels don’t assail us with these numbers.

There are the usual formulaic fights and songs catering only to the front benchers. If someone expected some fizz in Sathyaraj and Sundar C’s dialogues, disappointment galore in this segment too. There are no twists and turns and the movie travels on a beaten path. Audience did not have the patience to wait for the climax and the end of the film witnessed only a few brave and patient souls.

At a time when the talented and fresh brains of the industry are working over time to take it to the next higher level, films like Guru Sishyan are appalling to put it mildly. Watch at your own risk. Certainly not for family viewing.

Verdict: Awful lesson

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