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‘Chitty- The Robot; Speed 1 Terrahertz; Memory -1 Gigabyte. Programmed to be 100 times intelligent and talented than a normal human being. Knows all the languages on the face of earth.’ The most powerful robot ever made by man and we will be introduced to this wonder on September 3rd, the day Endhiran hits screens.

The movie is more than a month away, but the excitement is already palpable. Two years of tight secrecy has finally relented. The music is out and so is the trailer. The excitement that it has created is greater than what is generated by the actual release of most movies. That is the stature
of the men associated with this mega venture. No doubt, all of you will now have the list of names involved in Endhiran by heart. But, really, it is hard for one to resist the temptation to roll out those names once again. After all, it is only rarely that there is a chance to dwell on these names at length, especially in connection with the same movie. So, here they are; Superstar, Shankar, Rahman, Kalanithi Maran, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and many more names that you will be hearing of in the next month or so. If anyone says that a bigger team than this exists in Indian cinema at present, then seriously, he’s got to be kidding. Because (pardon the cliché) ‘it does not get bigger than this’.

Sun Pictures started its promotional activities yesterday with the release of the trailer through TV. But, it has not reached its full fledged stage yet and that is why most of you might not have got a chance to get the first feel of what is in store. Well, don’t get upset because you can always scramble to Youtube to get your fill of Superstar and we too are here to provide you with every small detail that the biggest Indian movie ever divulges as it treads along towards D day. So, here goes the trailer review of Endhiran – The Robot. It is only rarely that a film becomes so huge that even its trailer demands or deserves a review. This is one such occasion and we hope that there are many more in future.

Now, the review. Well, what do you expect from a Shankar film? One word – grandeur. One look at Endhiran’s trailer and you will know that Shankar has gone many levels above all that he has done till now. If you thought that Sivaji was the pinnacle of ebullience, then you have to see the Endhiran trailer to believe that it was not. Such seems to be the scale of the film. But, we will have to wait to see the entire product to know exactly how and where the 150+ crores were spent. The one thing that the trailer definitely tells us is that much of that has definitely gone into visual effects. What we will get to see in the movie seems to be special effects and computer graphics that have never before been envisaged. There have been some good CG applications in Indian cinema over the years, like what we saw in Sarvvam last year. But, Endhiran is in a different league altogether. If you want to compare the standards of graphics that seem to be present in the movie, then it is films like Terminator and Matrix that you have to look at.

The story of Endhiran is definitely one that has never been tried in Indian cinema before because of the sheer technological expertise and costs that it would necessitate. Tamil cinema will be certainly proud that one of its directors has taken this step that would expedite the evolution of Indian cinema to the next level. But, for those who regularly watch English films, the plot might sound a tad familiar; but we are just guessing at this point of time. From what the trailer offers, it is all about Rajinikanth (the scientist) who constructs the world’s most powerful robot (again Rajinikanth), something that even Honda could not do, which can do almost everything that a human being can, in a much better way. But, what happens when the robot forgets the rules that were laid down by Issac Asimov to be followed by all robots and humanoids (so faithfully done by Arnold Schwarzenegger throughout the Terminator franchise); all mayhem is set loose as the uncontrollable robot runs riot. Who can stop him? This is our guess of the plot.

Most English movies choose New York as the stage for all big disasters and monsters to attack. The big city has been used for its instant familiarity all over the world and also perhaps for its suspension bridges and proximity to water bodies which make excellent settings for heart stopping action. Well, Shankar seems to have taken up Chennai as the stage for Robot to strike and from the few fleeting glimpses we think that some of the major landmarks in the city might feature as backdrops of action sequences. We are quite certain about some action atop the Guindy flyover. The only regret is that the colossal ‘Secretariat’ structure could not be ready in time for Shankar to think of a pulsating action sequence involving the structure. There also seem to be some absolutely delightful and colorful sets (in metallic theme, apt for Robots) that have been constructed by Sabu Cyril.

The action, the visual effects, the art; all this makes the film big. But, what makes it huge? What gives a producer enough confidence to say yes to a budget of 150 crores? There is only one answer – Superstar. You have to see it to believe it. Never has he looked as young as this in the recallable past. Never has he looked as dashing and stylish as he does now. As wine gets better with age, Superstar’s style only seems to get better every time he appears on screen. There seem to be dozens of get ups and styles that he has donned in the movie; especially for the Robot character. Are they all good? What a question! The only real question is which one of them is best. All Superstar fans (we guess that everyone is), get ready for an absolute treat. There is no doubt; he is still the undisputed King of style. And, in the, midst of all the excitement one forgets that this is the first movie in more than 25 years that will have two Superstars on screen at the same time. Do we need a bigger reason to celebrate?

There seems to be no end to what one can talk about this movie, just after watching a one minute trailer. Yes, we have not yet talked about Rahman or Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and a lot of other things. But, one guesses that the next month or so will be there just for that and much more. So, go watch the trailer as soon as you can, get the first feel of the biggest Indian movie ever (bet you, this one is international in its standards) and keep coming back because the countdown has begun and you don’t want to miss any of the action. Endhiran – The Robot will soon take you by storm.
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