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pandi-oli-perukki-nilayam-review PANDI OLI PERUKKI NILAYAM MOVIE REVIEW
Review by : Behindwoods Review Board

Starring: Sabarish, Sunaina
Direction: Rasu Madhuravan
Music: Kavi Periyathambi
Production: Rasu Madhuravan

Pandi Oli Perukki Nilayam is directed by Rasu Madhuravan who is known for his family tearjerkers that are generally lapped up by the rural audiences. This movie is also targeted primarily at this section of the audience.

The film starts off introducing Pandi (Sabarish) as a sound service provider and there is a lacklustre introductory song as well. After that, the hero loses his sanity by getting hit in his head. He then accepts the fact that he is a mad man and starts narrating his story. Obviously, there is a love track that is part of the narration and Valarmathi (Sunaina) is the one. She has the typical filmy brothers and the ‘morai maamans’.

Though there is no story as such, the director has attempted to come up with a stale revenge tale. The motive for the revenge and how the revenge is accomplished is what Pandi Oliperuku Nilayam is about.

The director is heavily dependent on the bevy of comedians in the movie but save an instance or two, the rest of the comedy scenes are an ordeal and downright silly. However, Sabarish brings in the laughs, thanks to his dumbness.

The scenes when the hero and heroine repeatedly encounter each other have heavy doses of cheap double entendres.

Sunaina is beautiful no doubt, but her love track with the hero is dumb and artificial. The songs give an excuse for Sunaina to flaunt her beauty in short sexy clothes. Just one song composed by Kavi Periyathambi passes muster.

Sabarish, son of FEFSI Vijayan, impresses in the action scenes. But the climax action scene reminds one that of Pithamagan.

As the mentally unstable man, Sabarish makes a mark in a few scenes and the hallucination touches stand out. However, his voice modulation remains plain and lifeless. His make-over also isn't anything new.  

There are several other characters, but they fail to make any noteworthy impression save an earnest Thambi Ramaiah. Karunaas has had a very ordinary outing.

Two songs have been shot in Malaysia, but there is nothing special to mention about it. Rest of the film happens in a village and the cinematographer hasn’t done any impressive work.  

The BGM score has one or two bits recurring all through while there are songs introduced just for the sake of making it a ‘5 song’ affair.

To conclude, this movie is least engaging, doesn’t have much of a story and even the romance track is very artificial.

Verdict: It’s an outdated romance-revenge.

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