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etho-seithai-ennai-review ETHO SEITHAI ENNAI MOVIE REVIEW
Review by : Behindwoods Review Board

Starring: Sakthi, Liya, Anand, Anand Babu, John Vijay
Direction: J Elvin Bosser
Music: Ganesh B Kumar
Production: Aadi Sakthi

Etho Seithai Ennai marks the return of director P Vasu’s son, Sakkthi after a hiatus. This romantic comedy has been directed by Elvin Bosser and stars Liya of ‘Peranmai’ fame as the female lead. This also marks the return of the legendary actor Nagesh’s son, Anand Babu.

The film is about a man and the girl he falls in love with, at the first sight. As expected, the girl has an uncle who is a goon, eyeing to marry her. How the hero manages to get his lady love is the crux.

The film starts by showing people’s fear for Liya’s uncle, Nambi (Anand). But till the end of the film, the director fails to show why people are scared of Nambi. Anand Babu and John Vijay play the enemies of Anand. Again, even if their hostility is the main line of the story, the director decides not to reveal the reason for enmity. Also, it’s not clear as to how the hero and his love are possibly involved in this fight.

It is very obvious that Sakkthi has exactly done what the director has asked him to. The love at first sight has been scripted in an old fashioned way and it is unbearable to see Sakkthi flirt in the first half and create a poor impression in the second half. Liya’s expressions are natural and even manages to make the audiences grin sometimes. Srinath, who plays a friend of the hero, does a good job in making people laugh with his timely dialogues. Anand Babu, Anand and John Vijay play the usual noisy, ever frowning and over-exaggerating villains.

Ezhilarasan’s cinematography is ordinary and at times the poor lighting creates a short film feel. It is good to see different foreign locations in a song sequence, but improper composition fails to show the beauty of the places. The poor selection of foreign locations also needs to be mentioned here. Editor Muthulakshmi hasn’t given importance to details. Matte shots weren’t matched properly and splitting the frame to show different happenings or the same image thrice on the same frame spoils the continuity of the film and in some cases the beauty of the background.

Ganesh Kumar’s background scores are bearable, unlike the songs. Wrong placements of song sequences are also the reason for the songs to sound less impressive.

Overall, the film remains as an attempt to remind us that actors like Sakkthi, Anand Babu, Srinath and Liya are still active in the industry.

Verdict: This one will be a trial for your patience and intelligence

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