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ooh-la-la-la-review OOH LA LA LA MOVIE REVIEW
Review by : Behindwoods Review Board

Starring: Jyothi Krishna, Preethi Bhandari, Rani, Thalaivasal Vijay
Direction: Jyothi Krishna
Production: D Kalaiselvam

Oo La La La, one boy and three girls. Are you expecting a love quadrilateral? Coming with an interesting title, taken from a very popular song, Oo La La La as the director tells is an acronym of Oorvasi, Lalitha, Latha and Lavanya that takes us through the life of a person, right from the day he is born.

Right from the first frame, we are told that he is going to grow up and be a typical ‘romeo’ who cannot resist making a pass at most girls around him. And, that’s how he turns out. His only aim in life is to woo girls, as many as possible, without any commitment. Then, comes a girl, there is a twist of fate and what happens to him is Oo La La La all about.

Oo La La La has been conceived as fun-filled youth film. Right from the start, you are shown that the protagonist is having a lot of fun, mostly at the expense of others. The frames appear a bit colorful and the general mood is upbeat and cheerful. But, in an effort to create a lot of ‘fun’ moments, the script tips over into the zone of senseless, sometimes ridiculous incidents. There is one particular scene where the hero and friends are seen administering first aid to a person suffering from cardiac arrest. The things they do make you wonder whether the director is really serious or is trying something in the name of slapstick comedy. It is almost like a cartoon in such situations. There are quite a few such instances.

Besides, there is a gang of guys who turn out to be villains in the climax. Throughout the film, they are shown as the punching bags of the hero and his gang. Both the gangs are nothing but ‘good for nothing hangers on’, not capable of doing anything serious. But, suddenly, in the end, things get serious, with one gang suddenly turning into blood thirsty murderers. You get a feel that the gang was placed in the film just to have a fight in the climax. That apart, the film doesn’t focus much on romance, which is supposed to be the central force of the story. In the midst of creating a lot of ‘fun’ scenes, the script leaves out the portrayal of the relationship between the hero and the heroine at any great length.

Jyothikrishna, acting for the first time, appears quite capable, but he must have focussed more on the way this script has shaped up. Preethi Bhandari, making her debut, also manages to make an impression that is not too bad. Thalaivasal Vijay and Rani do roles that do not demand much from actors of their experience. The other three heroines have only very brief appearances. Oo La La La has a bright and cheerful setting, where everyone is living a happy life to start with. The camera too conveys this ‘happy’ mood quite well. The songs are also ok, with ‘Munnazhagai’ picturized in a colourful manner.

Basically, it is a light-hearted film which you wouldn’t want to take too seriously. But, the script is not able to sustain the fun for too long and this dampens the film heavily. Also, the characters and certain situations in the movie give us a vague sense of déjà vu. The climax too looks manipulated in order to have a fight and few tense moments. That is where Oo La La La loses the plot.

Verdict: Fun: in patches - sometimes childish!

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