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Starring: Sri Hari, Nisha
Direction: RK Surya Prabhakar
Music: Sri Vijay
Production: Rajesh Uthaman
With debut stars from Mumbai, donning the lead cast for a debut venture of Director Surya Prabhakar sure evokes great interest in what is in store for the silver screen. Expectations these days are not belied by low budget films working with a brand new team as they strive hard to touch the viewers’ hearts somewhere. The music director too, a debutante has added colour to the songs. ‘Tha’ will showcase in the theatres, the efforts of a new team leaving the rest to you and me, to gauge what is new and what is not.

‘Tha’ is a love story about a violent man whose heart undergoes an overall change after falling in love. It is a nativity subject that has been shot in the dry lands of Coimbatore and lush greens of Kerala, with most of the shoots embracing the beauty and the authenticity of a place called Chavadi where the people due to the dearth of irrigation and farming opportunities work in textile mills and factories. The hero works in such a factory and the storyline is about the incidents that follow when a middle class girl falls in love with this guy, quite rough and tough.

Director Surya Prabhakar insists that ‘Tha’ would be a different movie from the regular village-based movies. He informs that this movie may be spoken about after its release as he believes that it has an untold story about human life and human feelings. Having been an assistant to director Samudrakani earlier, he feels that ‘Tha’ would break clichés and would impact the audience.

The debutante music director Sri Vijay from Sri Lanka is assured of a promising growth in the tinsel world. The songs especially the melodies are doing a good round. The lyricist happens to be the director himself. It’s a general phenomenon that the songs are heartwarming when the director himself wields the pen for the songs too, as the feel stays on in every number true to the director’s ideas sans any camouflage. The album makes us feel that the movie travels along the story. The audio of ‘Tha’ was launched at Sathyam Cinemas by Actor Karthi who released the audio and Director Samuthirakani received it.

The star cast seems to perfectly fit the roles of not-an-urban outlook type and hence gel well with the story. It is a simple concept of love projected in a village background without any unwanted additions or aberrations to the flawless storyline. Come Friday, we will know if the fresh ‘Tha’ team is all set create a new trail.
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